Remember when Allen Stone did that awesome basement video, well Th3rdz did something similar and it’s dope!


Th3rdz - Rap Rap

Th3rdz is a rap group consisting of JFK, Candidt, and Xperience.

Check um out they are pretty dope.


Isha and I will dance to this oneeeee day. LOL.

Song Of The Day: Turntable Tuesday (4/23/13)

Song: On Your Block prod. by Bruce Waine

Artist: TH3RDZ

Album: This, That & TH3RDZ

Plain and simple, Th3rdz is on point. That’s what happens when you have a few emcees come together to create one dope group, and that’s exactly what JFK, Candidt, & XP did. Watch out for their new album, ‘This, That, & TH3RDZ,’ that drops on June 18th. You won’t be sorry. You can get the track here


This new Th3rdz video featuring Sonny Bonoho is TOO funny.