- E aí todo mundo me diz que ela me faz mal, e eu sinto uma enorme vontade de rir.. porque ninguém sabe de muita coisa, a não ser o que deixamos que eles vejam. Só a gente sabe da gente. Ela pode até ser paz e guerra ao mesmo tempo, mas eu garanto que, como cita um clichê que todo mundo (ou quase todo mundo), já ouviu por aí, ela me dá a paz que o mundo tira. apenas-voceeu

mischievousplants asked:

[casually awaits hot professor Jin fanfics]

“he can’t be as hot as you’ve made him out to be,” jungkook says, rolling his eyes. “no one can be that – “

the man standing at the front of the classroom is – 

“fuck he’s hot,” jungkook whispers and taehyung grins from beside him. 

“told you~” 

((after class, jungkook makes the mistake of lingering and he watches seokjin sit down at his desk and slide on a pair of glasses before he runs out of the room, pants a little too tight. 

he’s going to have dreams about that scene for months.))


it’s times like this where you can really see the differences between dan & phil and other “double acts” and it’s so telling lmao