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❤ Cute cottages / castles
❤ Historical fashion / art
❤ General kawaii / serene / romantic images

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Nerdy Power!

It’s the turtle version that has recently sucked ‘Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ with special guest the Angry Video Game Nerd! (x)

Starring Doug Walker​, Malcolm Ray​, Tamara Lynn Chambers​ and James Rolfe!

I watched turtles as a kid but not enough to be a complete turtle nerd. But enough to know a bad movie when I see one!

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I am beyond excited.

we are currently looking for a drummer, if you know anyone in the Angus area or if you yourself are interested please get in contact with one of us.
Until we find a new drummer we will be doing acoustic sets.

On the bright side we are currently writing songs so you may hear something new from us soon.


: Trish Summerville costume design for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011).

"It was really important for all her [Lisbeth’s] clothing to seem authentic, for nothing to appear to be brand new, everything to kind of be worn in. A lot of her stuff is very dirty, there’s holes and things like her boot is taped up… to feel very lived in. I wanted her to be someone that could easily disappear into the shadows if she chose to."  [x]


This, everyone, is Danny Lopez, aka “DannyWiiU”, “DannySNES”, “dannydsi”, and a bunch of other names involving Nintendo consoles. He’s a creep whose Twitter feed consists ENTIRELY of asking women to burp for him and make videos of them burping. Plus trying to get 15-year old actress Joey King to unblock him from Instagram and Vine. Make of THAT what you will.

Recently, he threatened to rape Lindsay Ellis, rape all female producers for Channel Awesome/Chez Apocalypse/TGWTG, and kill her boyfriend (ToddInTheShadows) and their dog Kali. He is currently under investigation by the NYPD for these threats, and Lindsay has blocked him on Twitter.

Danny is not very clever, since he thinks that someone blocking him means he can continue to make these threats. He is mistaken. I’ve screencapped these for the attention of lindsayetumbls, partly because I don’t know how to submit them to her, but also as a signal boost. If you see him make any threats to anyone, screencap them, post them to Lindsay, and move on. These are all being used in a case against him.

Thank you.