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Explorers find terror in the French catacombs in As Above So Below, but surely it can’t be worse than watching The Cavern, a classic Bad Movie Beatdown episode, which is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.

Originally posted: October 30th, 2012

Episode 8: Made for Him
  • Episode 8: Made for Him
  • The Secret Treehouse
  • Tales from the Treehouse

Tales from the Treehouse returns from its summer vacation with the story of the magic gun’s past, present, and partner.



I used to think Jason was around 15, he looked short and rather young, but wait it gets worse-I used to think Jori was his mom!(In my self-defense, Doug referred to her as “Mrs.Laws”) I didn’t realize that Jason was older and Jori was his mom into Jason said he and Jori where celebrating their anniversary, though I know I’m not (fully) alone with mistaking Jason’s age, as YouTube comments where also shocked at his older age, not as wrong as me though-most of them know Jori was his wife so clearly they know Jason was adult.

P.S:I wonder if this secret will somehow reach Jason, not sure if it’s going to embarrass him or amuse him, or both(most likely the last one)


: Trish Summerville costume design for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011).

"It was really important for all her [Lisbeth’s] clothing to seem authentic, for nothing to appear to be brand new, everything to kind of be worn in. A lot of her stuff is very dirty, there’s holes and things like her boot is taped up… to feel very lived in. I wanted her to be someone that could easily disappear into the shadows if she chose to."  [x]