His dignity is stripped from him immediately, and it’s an incredibly traumatic event that comes out of nowhere. He’s no longer free in that instance. In that scene specifically, he doesn’t know who’s going to be there and he sees his great friend there showing her love and support. In times of need and trauma in all of our lives, that either brings people closer together or further apart. It’s an interesting moment where Kalinda and Cary get closer.

Matt Czuchry about Kalinda visiting Cary in jail

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What To Watch For In 'The Good Wife' Season 6

2. How much will Cary have to do?

Cary (Matt Czuchry) got his name on the wall with the formation of Florrick/Agos, but he didn’t necessarily have a lot to do when it came to the running of the firm. His major plotline in the second half of season two was finding out that Kalinda was sleeping with him for information.

It’d be refreshing to see more of Cary’s lawyering - unapologetically aggressive and still a little rough around the edges - in season six. Even if Diane joins the firm, he’s still a name partner and there ought to be scenes of him asserting that, more than just policing the junior staff members. Czuchry is now The Good Wife's longest-tenured male main character, so let's use him as such.


Dear Cary/Matt lovers (we reached the 657 followers!),

enjoy the S6 premiere. And don’t forget that Matt Czuchry will live tweet tonight during the premiere by @TheGoodWife_CBS, so let’s be sure to be there to join the chat since, especially because apparently Cary will be involved in a big (secret) storyline starting tonight! Cross your fingers season 6 is going to be a good one for Cary Agos (and his fans).