Cameron Mitchell :: Taken

Alex has always been independent. Taking care of yourself from ages ten to twenty, you had to be. But deep down inside, he’s always wanted someone to hold. He’s never had that chance though. The people in the orphanage were never going to hold him and who would hold a street rat. So he built up walls, becoming the socially awkward nerd he is now. But those walls are easily knocked down. Knock them down, and you’ll find a loyal, romantic guy who will never let you down. He’s easily trusting, probably to much so, considering how much he’s been betrayed. And somehow after ten years on the street, he still holds that innocence and naivety of a ten year old.

  • POSITIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS: loyal, gets along with almost everyone, caring, witty, smart
  • NEGATIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS: awkward, gets angry easily,insecure, is bad with boundaries


  1. Heat Manipulation
    This power is almost exactly what it sounds like. He can make heat increase or decrease. 
  2. Fire Manipulation
    Again, very straightforward. He can control fire. He can’t make it appear though, he needs some sort of source.


  • Orphan: When Alex was ten both his parents were killed in a car crash. For five years he lived at an orphanage but ran away after being badly mistreated
  • Coma: Alex was recently in a coma for two weeks. Scarlet says it was overheating. He’s still recovering in the hospital


  • Tara Shields - Alex’s girlfriend. He met Tara his first day and after a series  of adventures around camp with her asked her out
  • Scarlet Jones - Alex’s best friend. Scarlet was the first person Alex met and now he goes to her for almost everything.


Brock M. Baker :: Taken

Ever since he can remember, the world has been a dark place to Julian. Before the death of his mother, he used to love life, though a cloudy feeling always hung over him. After his mother died, he began seeing familiar faces in the shadows, not knowing why. Upon experimentation, Julian realized he could manipulate more than just people; he could manipulate shadows as well. He scared away most everyone he met, causing him to be relocated to different foster homes several times per year. Eventually, he grew sick of hopping from family to family and finally ran off to live on his own. Ever since, he’s been under the radar… That is, until some kids from Camp Half-Blood managed to find him.

Now that his mother is gone, he’s no longer that sweet little kid. Ten years later, he’s a rebellious, distant, cold teenager who strikes fear into the hearts of his classmates and teachers. His fascination with death and darkness was always of some concern to the people around him. Luckily, he managed to persuade them into leaving him alone. 

  • POSITIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS: clever, insightful, observant
  • NEGATIVE PERSONALTY TRAITS: manipulative, stubborn, secretive


  1. Fear Inducement: Julian can activate this power in the blink of an eye, literally. He hasn’t had much use for this power yet, but has full knowledge of what potential it has. When using fear inducement, his eyes glow a bright metallic silver.
  2. Umbrakinesis: Julian uses this power frequently. He’s nearly mastered the ability. Often times, he gathers enough shadows to form an opaque appendage and move objects at will. (It’s like telekinesis with shadows.)


  • Death of his mother: Julian was only seven years old when his mother was killed in a car accident. At least, that’s what he was told. He’s always had a nagging feeling in the back of his mind that said something was amiss. After her death, he became a very quiet and emotionless person.
  • Life in Camp Half-Blood: A group of demigods and satyrs appeared in his apartment and brought him to the camp against his will. He continually wishes he could return to his home in NYC.
  • The Bonfire Incident: At the very first bonfire he attended, something strange came over him. He and a group of campers got drunk. (Thanks to your friendly neighborhood M!A.) While playing truth or dare, his best friend, Scarlet Jones, was dared to kiss him. So they kissed. Her boyfriend, Robert Sterling, wasn’t exactly too pleased. To this day, Julian still isn’t sure if Rob is mad at him.


  • Scarlet Jones- Julian’s best friend. Period. She was one of the only people who made a real effort to get to know him, not that the others didn’t try. She just happened to be the one who got through to him. He does love her, though he isn’t sure if it’s platonically or romantically.
  • Robert Sterling- There’s not much to say, except that Julian tends to steer clear of Rob. He has nothing against the guy. He just feels that distance would be good after all that had happened in the bonfire incident.
  • Lilac Mayer- Julian’s opinion of her is neither good nor bad. He sees her as a potential friend or ally. He wouldn’t mind getting to know her.
  • Kallistrate Leroy- Though Kalli and Jules are half-siblings through Pluto/Hades, they rarely ever speak to each other. Despite this, they are actually quite similar, and Julian acknowledges this. Since they both need their space, they have a sort of mutual vow of respect and cooperation.



Matt Smith :: Taken

Robert grew up in London, England. He didn’t realize he had any sort of weird powers until his dad let him work in the pawn shop. His father owned a pawn shop, who’s father owned a pawn shop, who’s father owned a pawn shop, etc. At this point, Rob was recovering from a very bad illness and jumping back into senior year of high school. He had a biology essay due the next day and phscology homework and calculus. On top of all this, his dad had told him to clean up the shop, to go through boxes of old china someone had left for them. He set his friend Carter to work going through the boxes. He had been kind enough to offer some help cleaning and with math work. Rob realized he couldn’t finish everything, and being the meticulous person he is, he got really freaked out and really stressed. He cried and sobbed and with each spasm of his chest came a loud clap of thunder. Robert hadn’t even realized it was raining.

Rob always loved to play with mechanics and electricity. He always knew where a wire should go, why, and how. Carter soon explained that he was a demigod, and a son of Athena at that. They had been looking for him for a long time. Robert’s father had hidden away well. Carter was a satyr, sent to find demigods. Carter explained that Rob’s psychometry helped him know where things went, go, and will go.

Rob went to camp briefly that summer, but went back to England to attend college. He studied to be a social studies teacher, partied, and fell in love with a girl named Lacey who then promptly broke his heart. He went back to camp after graduating college so that he could hopefully scope out some jobs in the US. and have a place to live and love while doing just that.

  • POSITIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS: Charming, loyal, charasmatic, loving, willing to help almost anyone
  • NEGATIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS: Has too many boundaries, can’t do much but chit-chat/small talk, turtle-y


  1. Psychometry
    This power involves being able to know everything about an object just by being in close quarters with it. The closer Rob is to an object or person, the more he could know about it. He has to choose to reach out to this noun and then he knows different details about it, depending on how close it is to him. If he touches them/it he knows how it has been, is, and will be.
  2. Weather Manipulation
    Genuinely very straight forward. When he gets upset it rains.


  • I’m a demigod?: Rob’s descent [Gurl. You’re lucky I like to procrastinate and be a dictionary Nazi on your shit.] into the world of the gods was not easy or graceful. Suddenly everything made sense, and Rob wished he had known earlier. He got very angry with his father and made plans to leave home.
  • College: Rob went to college. For four years. He graduated. And stuff.
  • Unrealistic love: Rob fell in love with a girl named Lacey in his first year of college. He spent all his time with the girl, a small thing with great big eyes and dark brown hair. He believed he would spend the rest of his life with her, that dreamy girl, his Lacey. She was always very dreamy. She had other things on her mind than love. She never said she loved him, no matter how many times he told her. They broke up. Rob knew in his heart it had been damned, but he was devastated and never really healed.


  • Scarlet Jones- Rob’s girlfriend. She and him met after she came to camp and he took her under his wing, thinking she was his sister, when really, she was a daughter of Hera. This basically saved their romantic relationship.
  • Lilac Mayer- Rob’s second best friend, always there for him. He relies on her a lot, although she may not realize it, and it may not be in the way she wants, but he cares for her.
  • Julian Nikolai- Rob doesn’t mind Julian. He realizes that Julian feels weird around him, rightly so, after the bonfire incident. But Rob sees him as a genuinely nice person.