“Couples that get high together generally stay together as the plant helps to promote a deep seeded bond between individuals. When cannabis is used in conjunction with essential oil therapy the cannabis helps to relax the body topically while the essential oils begin to take hold of the senses to help get one in the mood.

This particular recipe calls upon the power of Sandalwood, Rose, and Bergamot essential oils. Sandalwood is used as a base note of this body oil, giving it depth and sensuality. This sexy essential oil is known for its aphrodisiac qualities as it mimics the human pheromone alpha androsterole. Next we have the delicate middle note of Rose which is the heart of this mixture. Rose essential oil is very delicate yet enveloping to the senses. It has the power to arouse an individual while invoking romantic feelings.

Then we have the wonderful light citrus scent of Bergamot rounding out this body oil as a top note. Some of you may recognize this familiar smell in Earl Grey tea or popular body sprays and perfumes. This delicious bouquet of soft citrus relaxes the body, reduces pain, soothes the nerves, and stimulates the production of dopamine and serotonin…”

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A simple way to medicate your breakfast during the morning hours: Decarboxylize your favorite strain of kief then add it to your coffee, cinnamon roll, bacon, or eggs. Or you can add raw kief instead for a healthy non-psychoactive effect that provides anti-inflammatory properties without the high. These methods are a simple way to incorporate the healthy cannabioids found in cannabis to your diet. #TGKR #StrainSpecific #HealthTalk #HealthyEating 🍳☕🐷

You can take #StrainSpecific a step further from cooking and baking by adding it to your saging ritual. I added dried Sour Diesel (short pheno type) sugar leaves to white sage, Colorado mountain sage, cedar, and sweet grass. As discussed before, saging with cannabis raises the higher vibrations even more for a very intoxicating and cleansing smoke. Sour Diesel is very energizing and will help you to clear energy in a space quickly. Open a window, light your smudging material, use your favorite feather to pass the smoke, and make your space sacred. #MetaphysicalSunday #TGKR 🌱

Infuse Chocolate Kush or Chocolope into a traditional Italian Tiramisu for the perfect pairing of flavors. Chocolate Kush enhances the chocolate notes while Chocolope intensifies the coffee coco flavor in this dish. The strain can be infused into the lady fingers or filling ☕🍫🍰 #StrainSpecific #TGKR #HighCuisine

#TGKR began experimenting with #StrainSpecific cuisine in late 2009 and then went public with a blog in 2010. The blog pioneered pairing specific strains to specific dishes for flavor. Shortly after TGKR went into production with a book with @greencandypress. In October of 2012 TGKR: The Bible of Cannabis Cuisine hit the market as the first Strain Specific Cannabis Cookbook.

Pairing the perfect terpenoids/flavinoids of strains with complementary or analogous ingredients in dishes truly elevates #cannabiscuisine. Check out for #free strain specific recipes. As well as my book on Amazon to master the art of strain specific pairing 🙏✌🌱🍴

My favorite part of Spring is the thunderstorms and rain showers. Nothing accompanies that more than a protien chocolate chip cookie, a mocha, and some writing. If you wanted to make your morning even more blissful, pairing and infusing Chocolate Thai into the cookies is a match made in heaven!

Chocolate Thai is by far my favorite strain to infuse into chocolate chip cookies as the chocolaty coffee notes with haze marry perfectly with the dough. And the strong soaring cerebal nature of this strain provides a beautiful euphoria and mood enhancing quality. It also provides a strong analgesic effect for pain ☕🍫 #TGKR #StrainSpecific #HighCuisine