My favorite part of Spring is the thunderstorms and rain showers. Nothing accompanies that more than a protien chocolate chip cookie, a mocha, and some writing. If you wanted to make your morning even more blissful, pairing and infusing Chocolate Thai into the cookies is a match made in heaven!

Chocolate Thai is by far my favorite strain to infuse into chocolate chip cookies as the chocolaty coffee notes with haze marry perfectly with the dough. And the strong soaring cerebal nature of this strain provides a beautiful euphoria and mood enhancing quality. It also provides a strong analgesic effect for pain ☕🍫 #TGKR #StrainSpecific #HighCuisine

A simple way to medicate your breakfast during the morning hours: Decarboxylize your favorite strain of kief then add it to your coffee, cinnamon roll, bacon, or eggs. Or you can add raw kief instead for a healthy non-psychoactive effect that provides anti-inflammatory properties without the high. These methods are a simple way to incorporate the healthy cannabioids found in cannabis to your diet. #TGKR #StrainSpecific #HealthTalk #HealthyEating 🍳☕🐷

Saging your house should be a mandatory practice once weekly to keep your private space sacred and clear of negative or unwanted energies in your home. Wrap sage around some cannabis (so that the cannabis is encased in sage) to increase the higher vibrations of the cleansing process. Not only will the smell be intoxicating but it will be a powerful clearing tool in your arsenal.

Negative or unwanted energies can attach to you from places you visit, attach to other people in your home, linger around your property, come off of moving bodies of water, come home with objects you have taken or bought second hand, or even be unintentionally invited to name a few.

If you are sensitive you will be able to pick up on these energies very quickly. If you can’t don’t fret as animals are your front line of defense. Pets will let you know something is not right. All you need to do is listen to them and watch for changes in their behavior as they try to tell you what is present. #MetaphysicalSunday #TGKR #Hyperawareness #IndigoChild 🐾🌱🙏💨

#TGKR began experimenting with #StrainSpecific cuisine in late 2009 and then went public with a blog in 2010. The blog pioneered pairing specific strains to specific dishes for flavor. Shortly after TGKR went into production with a book with @greencandypress. In October of 2012 TGKR: The Bible of Cannabis Cuisine hit the market as the first Strain Specific Cannabis Cookbook.

Pairing the perfect terpenoids/flavinoids of strains with complementary or analogous ingredients in dishes truly elevates #cannabiscuisine. Check out for #free strain specific recipes. As well as my book on Amazon to master the art of strain specific pairing 🙏✌🌱🍴

Start your breakfast right with a medicated Italian Frittatta for the perfect balance of protien, veggies, and cannabinoids.

This particular frittatta is loaded with goat cheese, broccoli sprouts, bell peppers, purple onion, garlic, basil, sage, tomatoes, and fresh tarragon leaves. The best strains to pair cannabis wise for an infusion and play of flavors on the present ingredients would be Sage, Hashplant, Summit Star or Amnesia Haze to name a few. #StrainSpecific #TGKR #HighCuisine