Swirl It

One of the messiest studio shoots I’ve ever done.

This was taken at a good 1/25sec, having opened the f-stop as wide as possible and I synced a flash with it.

It took me a good hour to get this shot - I snapped over 50 frames in total for the shoot. My sleeves were soaked by the end of it.


Well, I wasn’t actually drifting considering that I drive an SUV…although I have seen a video of someone pulling it off in the same car model.

Nevertheless, this was for the theme “Motion”. I spent a good five hours and five gallons of fuel that night. I was alone. (Someone said I have no friends when I told them how I did this. Yeah, just about sums it up). I had a tripod and timer. And I had a car in an empty parking lot.

The exposure occurred over a period of 25 seconds and the car was actually only going 1mph to 3mph. The headlight area needs work.