Okay, you know what I’m getting tired of seeing fans hate on Sui Ishida for the anime. We need to understand something

Nobody and I mean NOBODY cares about Tokyo Ghoul more than Sui Ishida. Someone who spends years of his life for something and creates a whole world with so many complex characters sure loves that story more than you and I. But business is business.

Imagine having no choice but to shrink and twist your 143-chapters of artwork, nearly 3K pages, into only 24 twenty-minute episodes with high expectations. Sui Ishida is a hardworking creator who constantly creates art for his fans, drew a whole storyboard for a series (most of which weren’t even used by the studio), does promotions for the manga and the anime, does art gifts and even REQUESTS for his fans, WHILE creating 20 pages of AMAZING art and story every single week!!

This is the man who APOLOGIZED to his fans because fans read spoilers about the end of TG and spammed him with angry insults, and told the fans he’s sorry for causing them sadness and distress and not being able to tell them earlier :re was going to happen because those fans had read spoilers and the others didn’t know how TG ended so he couldn’t talk about it.

Imagine doing that and then fans calling you “trash” (I’ve seen this, I’m serious) for not even having the choice of 12 episodes because that was the best deal he had back then and that’s called business. Everyone can have their own opinion but disrespecting someone like Sui Ishida isn’t right at all. He’s the one who created the whole story in the beginning, a whole universe with characters born in HIS mind, so insulting him for his decisions for HIS story and the characters HE created is not nice. 

Just speaking as a writer and artist. Please respect Sui Ishida. Tokyo Ghoul and everything it has ever been is his creation. Remember that.


Drawing/Doodle network for Tokyo Ghoul :D

So I’ve been on the site in the past and it was really a great way to learn and have fun at the same time together :D

Basically its a site where you can get online together and doodle :)

Of course if you can’t draw, there is always the chat room there :))) and anyways its doesn’t take a great picasso to doodle! :D

The site however needs you to sign up and wait for a verification in around 24 hour, so if you are interested I’ll put down the links together and if I finished setting up the private rooms, I’ll let you guys know? :D

What do you think?


Reblog/like if you are interested so that I can set up the private rooms and get everything settled in for a TG network in the site :D

I mean you can learn from other users too!