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tfwsecretsanta gift for Agentllama

who had wonderful promts in general but the one with Castiel and demaged wings just spoke to me.
I apologize again for the wait, you’re a wonderful person for having participated in the exchange just for the fun of giving. 

Anyways… while we try to recover from the pain the last episode caused, don’t forget that the Secret Santa some of you were asking to happen, will happen!! :DD Sign-ups will open in a few! \o/

It was supposed to be art only at first but then I asked you and you thought fics would be cool too so art and fic are both welcome!

Hope you enjoy it! :D

tfwsecretsanta gift for ensign-cannonfodder

A/N: I’m so sorry I’m so horrible with time management and handling my RL issues. I’m the worst pitch hitter! Nevertheless you shouldn’t wait longer for your gift as I’m sure you’ve made a wonderful one for your giftee!
All your prompts were wonderful and I couldn’t decide but went for Dean kind of inspired by Ares/Mars. I think it suits him. I hope you like it!

Ok. I’m sorry but I have to make this post and swoon over my tfwsecretsanta gift. Because I CANNOT NOT! I saw it just before going to bed and my jaw literally dropped to the floor. Not just because it’s a FREAKING AMAZING piece of art but also happens to be from one of my top 3 all time favorite artist in the spn fandom. Just adfgbjjhh! (Ok so the santas are supposed to be secret but like I WOULDN’T RECOGNIZE THAT STYLE! who are we kidding here). So, I will be here freaking out in my corner and reeling of what a lucky (totally undeserving but happy) bastard I am.