The creators of Texts from Superheroes are proud to present their new series, Super Legal, created as part of ComedyCoup, a ten week competition to pitch a new comedy show to CBC.

What’s it about?

Super Legal is the story of Devin Struct, a hero-hating lawyer by day and a super villain by night … well … one night. His super villain career is cut short by Captain Eagle, as well as multiple concussions, and now Devin has to pay for his crimes by being released into Captain Eagle’s custody. Shunned by the villain community, Devin has to start a new business. Something more legal. Maybe even, Super Legal.

Cool. Can we see it?

Some of it, yeah! The trailer is up right now on Super Legal’s official ComedyCoup page for your eyeballs to feast upon, so go check it out.

Did you watch it? Did you like it? Want to see more?

If you answered yes to any of that, here’s what you can do: click like on our ComedyCoup page and then tell people about it.

Seriously, that’s all we need. The ComedyCoup competition considers fan interaction as one of the criteria for the winners. So login, rate us, follow us, share, comment, tell your friends, it all helps to get Super Legal made and onto your television screens.

If you like what Texts from Superheroes brings you on the internet, you’ll love what we want to bring to your televisions.

You can follow Super Legal on Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date on our progress and to see the results of our weekly “missions” assigned by ComedyCoup.

But most importantly, go check out our trailer. It’s got explosions!

I was checking the analytics for Texts From Superheroes for the last month and out of over 100,000 unique visitors only 50.49% were male.

That means approximately 49.51% of the readership of the superhero comedy market is female. When you round those numbers it’s statistically even.

50% of TFSH’s viewers, a site dedicated exclusively to superheroes, is female. That’s fantastic, I love that and I want more people to know that and acknowledge how much women love comic books and superheroes. It’s not a select few women, it’s half your freaking audience!