T Fran.

This girl is beautiful. I don’t think people understand. She is my best friend and she means so much to me. I love her to pieces because she’s the Kellin to my Vic. :) We’ve experienced many different hardships in life and even if we barely make it through we’re always there for each other. I can count on her and she can count on me. That’s how a friendship is suppose to be. What I like most about our friendship is that it’s not just a friendship, it’s a frelationship. That means we love each other to no end and it means we disagree. We don’t just talk shit when we’re angry. We bring it to the table and argue like real friends do because our frelationship means something! Tori I know that we have our ups and downs and our offs and ons but you will ALWAYS be my friend. You’re always there when no one else is. I love you T Fran!