It’s been four years of laughs and tears and everything in between. I’m so blessed to have three of my best friends in my technical theatre family. It wouldn’t be the same without you and I have loved every moment with you all. I’ve found a home within the theatre and I’ve found a home with you all. :) #techtheatre #tforce #sexymofos #blessed @laurenhedwig @kidjustdoes @shoshoboro

anonymous said:

How do you play Ali top?

the main thing you need to know about ali top is the headbutt auto attack, which consists of headbutting someone and immediately right clicking them. it’s simple, but this is part of what makes him so strong. you rush sheen and headbutt+auto does a ton of damage and also denies cs from the opponent. other than that… everything is basically the same as support alistar. just make sure you’re saving your heal for sheen procs in teamfights instead of just spamming it nonsensically


flask>dblade (usually)>sheen>phage>tforce>shiv

against heavy physical go frozen heart next, against heavy magical go spirit visage (or locket for more team oriented item) or banshee’s veil. if you go lucidity boots, then you’ll want banshee’s, if you don’t, you’ll want visage or locket. final build is something like boots, tforce, shiv, frozen heart, locket/banshee’s/visage, and then botrk for damage or another defensive item of your choice

mercs vs heavy cc, tabi vs heavy physical, lucidity otherwise

first gnar game

went mid against zed and got pretty fed off 1v1 kills. after playing it i’m not sure if tforce is the best buy, might be better to just go botrk

also i only used my ult like twice all game because it’s so hard to be in your ult form at the right time

guess what i’m doing guys

=IF($B$17 = "Zerker Greaves", Main!C$12, 0)+IF($B$17 = "Doran’s Blade", Main!C$13, 0)+IF($B$17 = "BotRK", Main!C$14, 0)+IF($B$17 = "BT", Main!C$15, 0)+IF($B$17 = "E. Reaver", Main!C$16, 0)+IF($B$17 = "IE", Main!C$17, 0)+IF($B$17 = "LW", Main!C$18, 0)+IF($B$17 = "M. Scimitar", Main!C$19, 0)+IF($B$17 = "PD", Main!C$20, 0)+IF($B$17 = "Runaan’s", Main!C$21, 0)+IF($B$17 = "Shiv", Main!C$22, 0)+IF($B$17 = "TForce", Main!C$23, 0)+IF($B$17 = "Ghostblade", Main!C$24, 0)+IF($B$17 = "GB Active", Main!C$25, 0)+IF($B$17 = "Zephyr", Main!C$26, 0)

thetg said:

Full blade or cutlass then shiv?

blade->shiv. it might also be better to just start with a shiv though. something like shiv->bt->tank might be best

or maybe tforce is the best option… theoretically it has a ton of damage and the movespeed is really nice, but it’s hard to keep track of boomerangs in combat so your cooldowns aren’t exactly as low as you’d like them to be