That’s right!! The 6-song EP I have been working my butt off for for the past month and a half is now available to pre-order on my Bandcamp!

Not only can you pre-order digital and physical versions of it, but there are also t-shirts and posters! SO COOL.

The EP comes out on December 30th, and who knows, if you order a physical version, there might be a fun little surprise in your package when it comes ;)

I hope that you are all as excited for this as I am. <3

UPDATE: for some reason, Bandcamp isn’t letting me stream previews. You can hear my music here in the meantime.

Hurt You
  • Hurt You
  • Robert Borden
  • The Feeling of Falling Down - EP

so since the EP release date is being pushed back 5 days I figured I’d give you this (basically) finished version of HURT YOU!

there’s not much stopping me from uploading the whole damn EP now, but I want to keep some surprises for you :)

you guys remember John and his signing psychosis right igrright right

i have done nothing besides recording for the past 3 days and i think i ’m suffering from SINGING PSYCHOSIS i want to die save e,me

i dunno like i love the first picture but i don’t think it looks great with the colors that i want to use for the album but the second one, design wise, is really pretty. i blurred it a lil cos i originally wanted it to be the back cover but here it is unblurred as the front:

idk i think i kind of like the nipples???

  • Say Cheese harmony vocals
  • Dead Weight harmonies
  • Dead Weight bass
  • Hurt You bass
  • Hurt You vocals
  • Hurt You Guitar

literally all i have left to do let’s FUCKING GO FUCK YEAH

since everyone in my house is sleeping and the only godo place to record vocals is my room, Hurt You vocals will not be done tonight :C

HOWEVER!!!! hopefully everything else WILL be!!! FUCK YES!

all i have left to do (minus Hurt You vocals):

  • Dead Weight harmonies
  • Dead Weight bass
  • Hurt You Guitar
  • Hurt You bass

about to do dead weight harmonies and then yeah and ok bye

so i recorded from 2:30 to 4:30

and then i recorded from 10 to 2

so i recorded for 6 hours today


i got stuff done though. GOOD.

hopefully i can do the same tomorrow. good night everyone :)

it took me like 10 minutes to find my midi cable but i did it and i recorded two bass parts!!!!!!!

i drank a cup of coffee a couple of hours ago so i’m not even tired. i think i’m gonna do the bass for The Winshield and Hurt You and maybe even Dead Weight!!!?? and then i’m done with bass parts and all i have left is vocal shtuff

ahhhhhhh i’m so excited and hyper OKAy see u soon

oh also i’m thinking of maybe pushing back the release date 5 days so I can be just a little bit less stressed out bc this EP isn’t even half-recorded yet you heard it here first

okay so i’m going to have to make a really tough decision right now you guys

I’m pushing the EP release date back to the 30th.

there’s literally no way the EP will be on iTunes in time for Christmas, and I also have to send out all the pre-ordered stuff and indiegogo contributor stuff and

yeah basically don’t worry but it’s gonna be out on the 30th of this month.

25 days!!! WHO’S EXCITED!??!?1?

YOU GUYS I’M ACTUALLY GONNA GET EVERYTHING ON THAT LIST DONE TONIGHT OH MY GOD i honestly didn’t think i could, that list was just like the best of best-case-scenarios butI just have 3 really easy bass parts to record then I’m DONE for tonight!

i know i just said this in my last post but i’m so proud of myself i think i could cry.

okay, i’m getting off now! see you all soon with new recordings ;)

anonymous asked:

do you mix your own stuff?

yez and for everything I’ve ever done I’ve mastered or co-mastered it, but I’m having this bad boy PROFESSIONALLY mastered woah which is why I’m really stressed because I have to have all the recording done last Monday lol *dies* hahhAhAhAhAhah :C