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I should have come home instead of giving you that divorce[…]I let you get away woman. I’ve had to live without you for twenty years. I’m gonna let you know something. I’m never letting you go again.

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Some Fantasy Gacha Carnival Goodies for you today!

The next round of TFGC starts on November 4th, with the theme MMORPG battle field- or Trinity battle field.

You’ll be seeing lots of items dedicated to these classes:

The Paladin

( Plate Armor, heavy armor, chest plate, great sword, large weapons, pole arms) 

The Priest 

(Chain Armor, healer, Magical, chain mail, staffs) 

The The Ranger

http://w(Leather Armor, elves, archers, bows, wild animal pets) 

The Mage

(Cloth Armor, Magical powers, staff, orbs, spell books)  

So, starting of our special sneak peek of the upcoming round, I have a couple of items from Equinox, and a full outfit from !Go!.

!Go! put out the Ranger Outfits for both males and females.

The Ranger Outfit features a meshy outfit, with individual pieces to wear, and available in 4 colors to win.

They are separated into 3 parts; jacket, mittens, and skirt.

The set that I am showing today is the rare color set.

Included are the meshy pieces of the part you have won in several sizes and an alpha layer.

Equinox has out an armor set with several wearable pieces.

The Tigris Armor has 7 pieces to collect including common prizes of chest piece, bracers, bicep straps, and tiger pauldrons. 

Rare prizes include the paw pauldrons, and the Tigris face mask.

The ULTRA RARE is the full helmet.

Get the look –

Poses: .mien. [ equal ]


Includes 6 static poses.

Eyes: *The Stringer Mausoleum* True Kiss Eyes – LE Snow V2

*Not free, Limited copies*

Skin: [Pink Fuel] Ash – Lid 02 (blonde – thin) / Female


Hair: .EMBW. Taf Hair

*Kawaii Vs. Creepy gacha event*

Collar: [Cerberus Xing] Kunai Collar (Silvery Bronze & Scripted)

*Not free, gacha prize*

Necklace: Druid’s Call~blood-s necklace .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.

*Tales of Fantasy*

Nail Applier: The Wicked Peach – Moonlight Matte Nail Appliers

*L’amitié Fall Market*

Boots: REIGN.- Not Your Momma’s Knit Boots

*Free group gift, fee to join*

Eye makeup/Branches: The Wicked Peach – Dryad – Winter

*Tales of Fantasy*

Pauldrons: ::Equinox:: Tigris Paw Pauldron (Rare)

*Fantasy Gacha Carnival *

Outfit: !Go! Women Ranger (Rare set)

*Fantasy Gacha Carnival *

Background items –

Deer Spirits: Zyn ~ Fantasy Mist Deer Spirit – Ice

*Fantasy Gacha Carnival *

Armor pieces: 

*Fantasy Gacha Carnival *

::Equinox:: Tigris Face (Rare)

::Equinox:: Tigris Chest Armor (Common)

::Equinox:: Tigris Helmet (Ultra Rare)

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Winter’s encroaching grasp (Post-117032)

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