Sept. 30 7:09 pm
September Update!


Hey, it’s Nikki! We have a bunch of news from the past month!

The Kickstarter is coming along right on schedule! I’ve seen the page and it looks great! We’re currently finishing the last big piece, the trailer. 

Besides that, here’s what’s been done in the past month:

  • We have found a video editor, thanks to everyone who applied!
  • The full theme song is 100% finished, thanks to the efforts of many talented people!
  • The artwork that will appear in the trailer and on the Kickstarter page is finished.
  • The Kickstarter page itself is 95% finished.
  • We’ve made a few final shifts in rewards after taking into account your guys’ suggestions.
  • Writing has resumed on Chapter One.

Thank you all for being so patient! I can’t wait until you see the progress we’ve made. Stay tuned for the launch of the Kickstarter, coming soon!


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HELLO FRIENDS!!! yaaaa whoo whoo FIRST UPDATE POST OF THE NEW SEMESTER… I’ve been posting a few pgs at a time through twitter but here they are all together! THE TALK SHOW BEGINS… ENJOY… HAVE FUN… WHILE U CAN… (???) and my cheesy illustration for the last pg LOL don’t judge me omg. Thank you so much everyone for your really nice comments, I love them SO MUCH!!! You’re all my Sydney Morgan… :’D

I also realized I never publicly announced the TINF contest winners so I posted them here! THANKS AGAIN EVERYONNNEEE ILU please enjoy the update!!!

A Most Profound Silence- Chapter 1 (Kellic)

New story! It’s a Kellic and horror themed (but on the evil spirit side of things). It’ll be around 10 chapters uploaded gradually over this month; the final chapter ending on October 31st for Halloween. The first chapter or two are more setting the scene than actually getting into the spookiness. The title is inspired by a title from an Alesana song (A most profound quiet) soooo credit there because I can’t think of titles. So anyway, enjoy! I hope you guys like it! (And yes, I’m still doing 1PC and eventually the Lashton story) Happy readings!!

I had never moved house before, and where most teenagers would be bitter about their parents uprooting their entire life, I was filled to the brim with excitement. There was something about a new start that appealed to me. It wasn’t that my life before was bad or anything like that, I was just a person who was attracted to change. I liked different things. I liked new surroundings and new people, which was why when my parents told me we were moving I didn’t put up a fight.

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I honestly didn't want it to have to come to this.

I see all of these charities and honestly, I try so hard to give back where I can. I volunteer a lot of my time to help others and you know, most of the time when people are volunteering they don’t step back and think, “Wow. This could really be me some day.” I used to volunteer a lot in high school. I’d help in animal shelters, soup kitchens, anything I could, and never once did I think that would be me.  But here I am.

This summer it very well almost came to be me because after some unfortunate circumstances my family disowned me and I was sort of left out on my own with no where to go. My choices were to either live in my car or move in with my grandma, and by some miracle I was able to get a job that would support me enough to help out with getting an apartment. But that’s just the think. One bedroom apartments aren’t exactly cheap, especially in my area. I currently pay $730 a month for my rent alone, and that is before my electricity bill. I understand some people might think that “hey, that’s not that much don’t complain.” But for me… wow, that’s a lot of money. That cuts out so much of my money for other things I need to get by so much, especially because when it’s all over I have only about $10 left for groceries.

I promise this isn’t me trying to give some huge pity plea, but at this point I am desperate. But I’m trying to find a better place for myself. At this time I have this fantastic job opportunity that can get me out of this awful hole I’m in 100%, the only problem is I need a little help getting there. I desperately need money for gas because it’s a merchandising position which means I will be driving around in my car a lot. And yes, they do reimburse my gas, but they said the check to reimburse it doesn’t typically come for a few weeks after I have done my work. And I just don’t have the money to sustain that.

I also need to pay my electricity bill or my electricity will be shut off around the 5th or so, and that’s sort of a big deal  because I won’t be able to do a lot of things (talk to my employers, charge my phone, hell, even use my microwave). 

I know that there are so many other causes out there that honestly deserve so much money, but right now at this point I don’t know where else to go. My last (last last last) option is to go and get a payday loan, but I know the second that I do that my credit is going to plummet because of the awful interest rates and I don’t know how quickly I can pay them back. 

Honestly, anything in the world helps. I appreciate those who know me that are helping and I appreciate those who I don’t know that are helping me. Thank you all so much and if there is anything I can do for any of you, please let me know. 

If you would like to donate to my cause of sorts, please click this link. It would mean the absolute world if you helped me out in any way possible. Even if you can’t donate, please, please, please share this. I’m not going to say that your mother is going to be cursed if you don’t reblog this, or that you’re a horrible human for not doing it (because honestly I get tired of those posts too), so only do it if you would like to. But really, anything helps me. 

Thank you,