May 22  2:20 pm
Life update

9:55 am 

As some of you may know, I disappeared for a week on Tumblr after deciding that I wasn’t up for being constantly pressured to update or keep up with fandom stuff especially when I was dealing with personal issues (can i call it a depressed state? Okay, a depressed state. I cried for no reason and was constantly muddled with thoughts). 

But since then, I seem to have gotten over my especially low point in my life and i’m looking forward to bringing new content to your dashes and reading an insane amount of books after my summer courses end. I’m working so I’m still busy but hey, I get money for pretty things. 

I’m going to try to stay more positive, altering the way I’m currently thinking, and generally do things that make me happy.

Thank you to all the messages I’ve received regarding my health and safety. I’ll try to thank you all personally within this week. Assignments and exams are coming for my two courses so no promises yet. 

So! New icon! New theme! New content! New fandoms added! 

I would kind of like to say new blog! I’m thinking of changing the styles of how i edit things and blogging in general.

I sound like a commercial.

Thank you to my friends for being patient with me: cheers-mrhiddleston happyhiddling asilhouetteindreams winterheart17 snogboxez  burdenedwithagloriouslove thewinchestercave fromhiddleswithlove

May 21  6:12 pm
Mod: Too sick to update

Well, the day came, i am officially sick. I’m gonna have to take a little break from the blog a little to not mess up anything that is currently going on with the it. I’ll probably continue drawing something else, but for now this blog is on a short hiatus. 

I’m really sorry. I hope you forgive me


It’s been a looonnngg time since I’ve really been able to break out my camera, so here’s some fun pics from playing with my crazy niece today! She’s growing up to be quite the helpy helperman with gardening, while you can keep her interested anyways. It’s kind of scary how fast she’s getting smarter.

My impromptu hiatus is definitely not over, though. I actually have all the screenshots for Lilo’s story (just have to edit everything together), and I’ll do that before I do anything else sims-y, but I ran out of juice a week or two before I thought I would so everything kinda came to a screeching halt. It’ll come when it comes, so thanks for your patience.

In the meantime, I’ve been playing GW2 again, or was until Witcher 3 came out, and that will probably take up all my video gaming time until it’s finished… which hopefully will be a lot longer than it took me to finish DA:I. (Blasted through that way too fast and regretted it, don’t plan on doing that again. >_<) I might start simming again after that, maybe when Get to Work goes on a nice discount. Still haven’t bought it, yet!

ASKS/MESSAGES: I will try to get to these tomorrow, just not gonna happen today. Sorry for the wait, I have a feeling a lot of you didn’t realize I haven’t been around lately. :( Hopefully you got things figured out without my help.

Anywho, that’s enough ramblings from me. Ciao for now!

The Orpheus route is completely written and coded! Not edited yet, but anyway - I’m at a con this weekend, but I suppose I’m gonna power through the rest of the Ishtar route afterwards.

*throws celebratory glitter*

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention…I’m going to be going out of town for Memorial Day Weekend (starting early tomorrow morning), so I won’t be watching GoT 5x07 on Sunday night. I’ll probably get to it around mid to late afternoon Monday, so maybe I’ll live-react to it? That might be kind of fun. And then assuming things go well I’ll still be able to get my snark recap out that night.

So yeah, I don’t mind if you message me with spoilery questions or anything, but I’m going to be a day behind with my commentary for this episode, just as an FYI.

And boy what a shame, because it looks great:

Sorry, I just can’t take so much empowerment in one sitting.

Still carbing up and a big day tomorrow. Gotta go buy all the pre-show necessities, spray tan, and check in at night. Only to come back home to prepare then off to Culver City again to get a second spray at 6:45am Saturday morning. My friend just scared me by telling me there’s a guy in my class posing at his gym that looks very ready. Come on, carbs! Fill me out! Last workout tonight!