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SHE IS COMPLETE. (Download Link: Dropbox | Mega)

Goddamn I feel relieved, but there is one problem I’ve encountered which is uploading it onto Lulu; it’s giving me spiel about my pages being different sizes so it won’t upload. After googling and reuploading and fiddling with settings I can’t for the life of me get it to work - so if anyone thinks they can help so we can get the book on Lulu please send a message.

I could also apologise here for the wait on delivering this book but I decided to put it in a google document instead - click that if you want to hear me ramble apologies. I’ve taken valve time to a whole new level.

But dang, I hope everything here works and you all enjoy the art. /o/

Another piece of promotional art to, well, promote this non-profit artbook some more.

Like making TF2 art? Want to take part in some sort of compilation? Look no further, the TF2 Artbook is here! 

Check out the blog, our FAQ, and if you’re really interested, check this out to get started. So far, there is no deadline

We’re still open to submissions, so feel free to go ahead and submit!

If you’re not the art-sy kind of person but still would like to contribute, reblog this and spread the word! 


Some artwork I did for the TF2 artbook, which STILL hasn’t come out yet. These things are almost a year old and hailed from a time when my tablet pen went missing, so looking at them is a little bit painful. I still like the Scout one, though. It’s arguably one of my best works from that time (if not ever).

(PS: The BLU Demoman in the middle’s transparent, so if you wanna use it for personal stuff, I’m cool with it. Just remember to link back to me. ;))


Since we’ve just hit the 50+ applications mark, we’ve decided to place a one week deadline on applications beginning now! This means your deadline is May 8th, whatever timezone you’re in.This is not for the submission of final works, this is simply the deadline for applying to participate in the artbook.

Once the deadline has passed we will no longer be accepting applications for the artbook. So make sure to apply now to get in!

Curious? Check out our FAQ, Interested in taking part? Here’s how. 

If you could, also reblog this post to get it out there! 

TF2 Artbook?

Anybody remember this project from last year?  I haven’t heard about it in months and I’m wondering if it’s every going to get finished.  It’s a bummer because I know a lot of artists were rushing to meet the deadline and produced some really cool stuff.

I’m also mixed about it because the work in it is old enough that my style has already changed.  

About the TF2 Artbook's latest post

so after reading this post from the TF2 Artbook’s tumblr account, I’ll just say it now (for the few people who would care about it) : I will not post my entry to the artbook anywhere.

I don’t really like the idea of people posting it online (before the publishing of the book at least) but eh whatever it’s not my project


List of people who did not submit

brainslugonakitten, skulspliter, okamiandlinklover, teracoda, granboy, charleneislame, hetalianofawesome, dangfox, asktentaclestia, ask-paint-mako, khatmedic2, adammcquaig, eclecticthunder, zenami, f-l-o-i-p-o-i-d, animal-electricity, rafaelrubik, waybones, bekuh, natalielight, semperfry, atomicslamjam, 

your names have been removed from the artist list for the book.*

List of people with an extension

owlygem, psychoamanda, callmeohana, spiritleaf, atrocedie, the-chocobo

Character count (based on number of appearances)

Scout: lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll lll 28
Soldier: lllll lllll lllll lllll llll 24
Pyro: lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll l 31
Demoman: lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll ll 27
Heavy: lllll lllll lllll lllll llll 24
Engineer: lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll lll 28
Medic: lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll 21
Sniper: lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll 25
Spy: lllll lllll lllll lllll lll 23
Miss. Pauling: lllll ll 7
Administrator: llll 4
Saxton Hale: l 1
Scout’s Mom: ll 2
Gray Mann: l 1
Blutarch Mann: l 1
Redmond Mann: l 1
Radigan: l 1


So I’m putting the book together now. I’ll be able to see how many pages we have, etc, and might be able to offer a few extra pages out to some artists if we fall shorter than expected. For now, just sit tight. And to those that haven’t finished their pieces yet, goddamn it hurry up ya’ll are slowpokes.

- - - - -

*if your name has been removed and you know that you’ve submitted, send an ask. It’s possible I may have missed your submission due to the large number we received.

Submitting your artwork.

It’s come to my attention that Tumblr may be scaling some of your submissions down. As a precaution, so that we get the very best quality art from you, we think it would be better that you uploaded your works to this website.

Upload your submission, and then right click the file and click “get link.”

Take the link from there (make sure file link and file key are ticked) and then send it to us through our submit box! We’ll be able to download it perfectly. Thanks!

(if this website refuses to let you upload, add me on skype. my name is spiritedlex.)


i’M GO,,, I’M GO IN g

i solemnly swear never to try and organise big events again holy gosh but i started using habitrpg and i’ve made it a goal to complete at least five artbook pages every day with rewards for bonus pages so i’m motivating myself and i’m doing it cause i’m damn well awful for keeping it this long

BUT!!! since i’m such a butt, feel free to post your art that you did for the book. it’s awful for me to keep you guys this long. if you don’t want to post it that’s cool too! but i know some of you put a lot of effort into your pieces and not letting you post it for so long is really trashy of me, so go ahead. :>

ily all i’m so so os osrryr i can never give enough sorrys for how awful a mod i’ve been. but cHRIST I’M GONNA DO IT I’M GONNA FINISH THE DANG BOOK