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+3 Encounter Tei

Like most days, it was quiet, given no one was using combat gear, however this was until one poor guy was sent flying into a trashcan. It was a human who had picked on a small faunus girl. As he squirmed, a rather immense figure walked over unarmed as he lifted him by the leg and said, “Please refrain from insulting the young miss, alright?” the guy scared shook his head before Tei dropped him on his head. The male managed to get up and run off. People watched as Tei simply sighed as he said, “It won’t do much, but better then nothing I suppose…” the nearly seven foot brute began to walk back towards the crowd as he most likely bump into someone without noticing due to his height.

Pt: Há muito tempo que tenho guardadas no meu computador todas as expressões dos personagens de Amor Doce até ao episódio 22, incluindo os especiais. Sendo assim, decidi juntá-las e disponibilizá-las para download, pois vejo que são bastante úteis, principalmente por terem fundo transparente. Espero que gostem!

Eng: Long ago I have saved on my computer all the expressions of My Candy Love characters till the episode 22, including specials. So, I decided to put them together and make them available for download, because I see that are quite useful, especially for having transparent background. Hope you enjoy them!

♔ DOWNLOAD LINK (Sendspace)

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Rules: You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music that they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes, Media Player, etc. and write down the first 20 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people. One rule: No skipping

  1. YUKI - Nagai Yume (長い夢)
  2. Utada Hikaru - Sanctuary
  3. Kim Sori - Dual Life (이중생활)
  4. Lullatone - Magical…
  5. Bjork - Immature
  6. GD & TOP - Knockout (뻑이가요)
  7. James Blake - Take a Fall For Me (ft. RZA)
  8. Perfume - Sleeping Beauty
  9. Tomoe Shinohara (篠原ともえ) - Alligator (アリゲーター)
  10. Blur - Tender
  11. Jaime Sin Tierra - Citrus
  12. Towa Tei - Apple (ft. Shiina Ringo (椎名裕美子))
  13. Choi Seunghyeon - Please, Mind Your Business
  14. Ladies’ Code - Bad Girl (나쁜 여자)
  15. Especia - Adventure wa Giniro ni (アバンチュールは銀色に)
  16. Momoe Yamaguchi (山口 百恵) - Zettai Zetsumei (絶体絶命)
  17. Friction - Crazy Dream
  18. Little Dragon - Pink Cloud
  19. King Krule - Baby Blue
  20. f(x) - Milk

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"Hey Tei! Surprise!" She exclaimed, kissing his cheek since she couldn't exactly actually kiss him

Tei who had removed his helmet to clean the visor was caught off guard by Winter. The brute was alone and sitting down as he turned to her. The hornless bull blushed as he sat there as he held his helmet. She would be met by a very masculine looking man: chiseled chin, sharp eyes, a long scar and short brown hair. He just looked at her speechless as he lacked that much female interaction. Though she now knew he was a faunus, but it also showed that he had lost his horns somehow and was left with two white plates.

Chapter 7



A few days have passed since King approached me with his idea and I’ve really been thinking about going along with it. I’m just not sure if I want to work with somebody that I don’t trust at all. Right now I’m sitting at my favorite restaurant waiting for Robyn and Tey to show up so I can talk about them. The sound of heels hitting the floor breaks me away from my phone. I look up and I smile a little as I see them walking over to me.



“Can y’all ever make it somewhere on time?” I ask as they make it to the table. I give both of them hugs before we all sit down.

“I couldn’t find anything to wear.” Robyn says as she looks at the menu and Tey rolls her eyes. “I watched her change clothes 3 times just for her to still look basic as shit.” She says with an attitude making Robyn look at her quickly.

“ Bitch you know I’m far from basic and nobody told you that you had to come by my house or wait on me. That was your decision.” She says and I shake my head.

“Don’t do this now y’all. This is not the time for us to be arguing over petty shit.” I say and they nod their heads.

“My bad Robyn.” Tey says and Robyn just nods her head.

“It’s cool. Just don’t let it happen again.” She says as the waitress makes her way over to us. Robyn and Tey have their moments when they just bump heads. Sometimes it gets so bad that they actually fight and that’s something that I don’t want happening right now. After we order, the waitress brings us our drinks before leaving us alone to talk.

“So why did you want us to meet you here. This doesn’t feel like a social lunch to me.” Robyn says as she looks around the secluded area of the restaurant that I requested that we sit in.

“This isn’t a social lunch. I wanted to talk to y’all about something. When I went to the shop the night that the warehouse was broken in to, King was there.” I say and Robyn raises her eyebrow.

“And you let him live to tell the story?” She ask and I smirk a little.

“Yea but I did almost kill his ass. Lucky for him he wasn’t there to cause any problems. He was actually unarmed.” I say and Tey shakes her head.

“I still would have killed his ass.” She says and run my fingers through my hair.

“Well, his warehouse was broken into that same night and was trashed the exact same way. Apparently that nigga Money is behind this.” I say just as the waitress brings out our food.

“Damn this new nigga isn’t playing.” Tey says as she starts eating her food and I nod my head.

“What he’s doing is pissing me off. King came to talk to me about an idea that he has. He wants us to work together to take this nigga Money out.” I say as I start eating my food.

“So in the process of y’all working together to get rid of him, y’all are going to continue to run y’all own territory?” Robyn asks and I shake my head.

“No he wants to put both of our territories together.” I say as I look over at her.

“So both of y’all would be running Atlanta together.” Robyn says and I nod my head.

“So he wants y’all to be on some Bonnie and Clyde, King and Queen type of shit.” Tey says with a smirk on her face.

“When you put it like that you make it sound like we’re fucking.” I say as I frown a little.

“Well I think it’s a good idea. It will bury the hatchet between y’all and y’all can fully focus on getting rid of Money, Y’all will both have more power than y’all have now and just think about how much money we’ll be making combing your connects with his. I’m here for it.” Robyn says and Tey shakes her head.

“I’m not. We can’t trust these niggas. They could be working with Money for all we know. This could just be a plan to kill you.” Tey says and I nod my head agreeing with her.

“If he wanted to kill her he would have did it the night he walked into her shop.” Robyn says Tey shrugs her shoulders. “True but I still don’t like the idea but you’re going to do what you want to do anyway.”  Tey says making Robyn roll her eyes.

“Tey don’t be like that. I really think we should go along with his little idea. It could really benefit us but first we need to find some information on King and his boys. The first time something seems suspicious to me I’m ending all of their lives.” I say seriously. Tey sighs before looking up at me.

“Whatever you say boss.” She says sarcastically making me raise my eyebrow. I don’t know what her problem is today but she’s getting on my last nerve.

“Speaking of finding information did you find any information on Money?” Robyn asks Tey and she shakes her head.

“Nope I’m still looking.” She says nonchalantly making me roll my eyes.

“Well continue looking please.” I say as I pay the bill. She nods her head before grabbing her purse and leaving the table.

“What is wrong with her?” Robyn asks and I shrug my shoulders.

“I don’t know but she needs to get it together before I cuss her ass out.” I say before putting on my shades as we walk out the restaurant.

“Are you going to see King today to tell him that you’re going along with his little plan?” She asks as we make our way to my car.

“Yea soon as you finish helping me find a little information on him and his boys. Why do you ask?” I ask as I look over at her.

“Because you’re all dressed up and shit. Let me find out you trying to look cute for this nigga.” She says as she looks me up and down making me roll my eyes.


“Kill yourself. Ain’t nobody worried about that nigga.” I say making her laugh as we get into my car.

“Mmhmm if you say so Ci.” She says making me roll my eyes. When we get to my house we make our way up to my office. I sit behind the computer and Robyn sits next to me.

“So what exactly are we looking for?” She asks as she pulls a blunt out of her purse and lights it.

“We’re just looking for a little background information on them. These niggas actually have instagram pages so they’re making this easy as hell.” I say as I start looking them up.

“Look who we have here. King aka Nayvadius Cash. No kids or girlfriend. All he has is his mom and sister.” I say as I look at the pictures. They’re beautiful.

“I see why you all dressed up for him. He’s fine as hell girl.” Robyn says making me roll my eyes.

“Shut the hell up.” I say under my breath as I take the blunt from her and hit it.

“This is one of his friends Christopher Brown and he has a 5 year old daughter named Shyanne.” I say as I pull up a picture of him with his baby mama.


“He’s sexy.” Robyn says as she never takes her eyes off of the screen.

“Stop lusting after that man hoe. He might still be with his baby mama.” I say while laughing before I take another hit of the blunt.

“Whatever bitch. When have I ever given a damn about a nigga’s girlfriend or baby mama. His daughter is adorable though.” She says and I nod my head agreeing with her. His daughter is definitely a cutie.


“His other friend is Aubrey Graham. He’s actually married. No kids though.” I say as I pull up a picture of him and his wife.


“Cute wife.” Robyn says and I nod my head before giving her back the blunt. I really hope these nigga’s aren’t trying anything sneaky. I would really hate to take them away from their beautiful families.

"Partindo da certeza de que toda atitude é suscetível de ser imitada, compreendamos que o contágio da violência, em muitos casos, pode ser evitado, se não lhe oferecemos determinados pontos de ligação. Os pontos a que nos referimos são de caráteres diversos, tais quais sejam: Gritos inúteis. Brincadeiras de mau gosto. Reclamações agressivas. Idéias de ódio. Intolerância em casa. Descortesias na rua. Gestos de vingança. Comentários infelizes. Respostas deprimentes. Perguntas sem necessidade. Críticas. Palavrões. Ironias. Azedume. Cólera. Impaciência. Observemos que a energia elétrica, quase sempre, se aplica através de tomadas e convençamo-nos de que a força mental funciona, também, assim." EMMANUEL


Fuck it up then Tey!