• What's on your mind?
  • You know who I am, yes? I was one of the Crows you hired to kill the Grey Wardens.
  • I thought you looked familiar.
  • Well, I just wanted to report that I failed my mission, Loghain.
  • You don't say.
  • I'm terribly broken up over it.
  • Hm. Well, thank you kindly for informing me.
What we know about Ostwick (where Trevelyan is from)
  • It has a Circle
  • It’s ruled by a Teyrn 

  • It’s near the coastline, much like Kirkwall
  • In the Storm Age, the Qunari landed near Ostwick prior to launching their attacks on Starkhaven and Kirkwall
  • Since House Trevelyan is very Chantry-involved, it’s possible the place is akin to Kirkwall in that the secular powers are not as powerful as the religious institution(s)
the end to start (or epilogue as prologue)

Tellan Cousland as finally back home, and she only had to defeat the blight, win a civil war, becoming Hero of Ferelden to get here.  She went the long from from her room, through the open air corridors, avoiding the Great Hall - as well as the kitchens - moving with purpose to the Highever Castle’s main courtyard.  Lightly armored and bow in hand, she entered the yard to the cheers of the assembled guardsmen, servants, and guests.  She ducked her head in response, but did not break her stride.  Reaching her old marks, the chipped line of stone that marked her distance from the targets placed at the back of the stables, she beckoned the Guard’s bowmen to join her for the practice.

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CHAPTER 5: Shades of Grey

In this continuing AU tale, Lys Cousland, disguising herself as Mel, sets off with her mabari to find Fergus at Ostagar. Faced with Howe’s treachery & the Blight, Mel will need all the intelligence & strength she possesses to survive the coming year. Mel will face the challenges, as she and friends, old & new, battle Blight, Civil War & continuing Orlesian threats.



Character(s): Alistair Theirin, Loghain Mac Tir & Melysande Cousland with Anora, Fergus, Eleanor and others.

Excerpt below the cut.

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A Noble Arrangement | sonofferelden

"Is it true what they say mother? That there is going to be a Blight?"

Eleanor Cousland did not immediately answer her. The matriarch of the Cousland castle grabbed at the strings of her daughter’s corset and pulled. Sonya let out a breathless yelp and clenched her teeth. Her mother chuckled lightly under her breath but regained her composure as she finished helping her child dress. “That is what they say. But I am not completely sure my dear. Darkspawn don’t commonly come to the surface but it is not wholly unheard of.”

Sonya considered that for a moment, turning and smoothing the lavish silks nobility granted her. While she sat in the safety of a castle people below in the village had to bolt their doors and snuff out candles come nightfall. They didn’t have hundreds of guards to protect their homes.

The dark haired girl turned slightly eying her mother for a moment before responding. “Is that why Uncle Rendon and the Teyrn of Gwaren are coming? Father and Fergus have been all abuzz since the courier came.” Sonya’s elder brother had always wanted to meet the Hero of River Dane, a simple farmer’s son who’d risen within the Ferelden rebellion against the Orlesians becoming a veteran hero. His daughter was queen and he was greeted with praise wherever he went. From Sonya’s point of view the Teyrn was doing quite well for himself.

Sonya clawed at the waist of her dress. The gown felt like a vice compared to her armor. She wished she was training in the courtyard rather than entertaining guests. Even so it was her duty. At nineteen her father Bryce was searching endlessly to give her a husband she didn’t really desire. How was it fair that Fergus got to be the heir and still battle while she was confined to hide her talents and pretend to care when an uptight nobleman’s son came to introduce himself?

Thomas likes to hear of my training and so does Ser Gilmore.

Then again she wished not to marry either of them. But if Howe was coming he’d certainly mention a match with one of his sons and herself…again.

Trumpets greeted the oncoming party. Sonya and her mother both hurried to the window and watched the horde of soldiers accompanying two men who stood out from the armor clad guards along the bridge. The door behind her clattered open and in ran Sonya’s nephew Oren. “They’re here! They’re here! Did they bring the King? Is the King here?”

"No silly. The King is at Ostagar." She replied, half disappointed he hadn’t joined as well. Cailan was a married man but he was no less pleasant to look at. "Go find your mother, brat. We need to be with father  and Fergus when they enter." Sonya ruffled his hair and hurried out of the room followed by Eleanor. By the time they entered the greeting hall the doors were being thrust open. Sonya and her mother took either side of Bryce who shot them both a curious glance. Fergus kept his eyes forward but his grin did not go unnoticed.

"Presenting Arl Rendon Howe of Amaranthine and Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir of Gwaren!" A thin man at the entrance announced, bowing swiftly to the two noble guests before rushing off. Sonya had seen Howe dozens of times but she could not recall ever once meeting Teyrn Mac Tir face to face. Seeing the mountain of a man now she realized he held an air of something grand, perhaps that of a true warrior. To be fairly honest she hoped one day people looked in awe at her as they did for him.

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Dragon Age: Origins Questions!: 2,58,60 and 61

2: Which origin is your favourite?

- Cousland, I really did not see the Rains of Castamere the first time I played it. It was like. What?! HOW THE? SO EARLY YOU KILL EVERYONE THEY LOVE? I think this was the first time I had ever been so shocked. I mean who saw that coming?

58. What did your Warden think of the problem in Orzammar? How did they solve it?

- Octavia Cousland has seen her fair share of squabbling Bann’s whilst growing up and watching her Teyrn father having to deal with them. The Dwarves were about ten levels more annoying and she knew that there would be no easy way out of not dipping her hand into the situation (much less diving head on into it). She dealt with the situation how any noble lady born and bred to one day become part of Fereldan politics.

Octavia listened. 

- Both sides. She talked to people, listened to stories and thoughts about the situation before she decided to go with her gut and help Prince Bhelen ascend to the throne. She knew Harrowmont was a bad idea for every caste as a whole and putting him on the throne would have really damaged the situation even more.

60. Who does your Warden put on the throne?

Prince Bhelen Aeducan. While Octavia Cousland had no love for someone who backstabbed two of his own brothers, she knew that making him King was a much better alternative to Harrowmont. 

61. Your favourite NPC?

- I really liked the Templar that tries to bar you from crossing the river to the Circle. He was so funny and adorable. I could not help but think that he was the most interesting Templar there. I mean, come on, he was so easily swayed by freaking cookies. I don’t hate all Templars, I think there are good ones as well as the bad. 

Playing with Fire


History would remember that night. The night that Ferelden lost one of it’s two teyrns to a treacherous arl who thought to advance himself as the land was plunged into chaos by the threat of an approaching blight. Grace could not think of the events that had transpired just a few nights before, the screaming echoed in her head, the sound of a piercing arrow rang in her ears and she woke up sweating but not because of the heat radiating from the campfire. Duncan, Commander of the Grey, who had helped her escape with her life to make sure that arl Howe's treachery would not go unnoticed, patrolled the small campsite but was not present in mind. He looked deprived of strength and fortitude, as if he had been awake for weeks on end. They hadn't talked much since their escape from Cousland Castle, they did not feel the need to and both were preoccupied with trying to subdue their own tormented thoughts.

Ostagar was not far of on the horizon. The chill in the south crawled along Grace's spine as she gazed into the campfire and saw the fires of war raging within, the same flames burned within her, but no flame of fire could ever hope to scorch one as the flame of vengeance.


Dragon Age 30 day challenge: Day 6 - Warden’s story

I don’t particularly know what this means so I’m going ahead and explaining my Wardens story that I’m using for my playthrough of the Dragon age series.


 I made a female human noble warden and named her Celeste. In the human noble origin, you’re the youngest son/daughter of the Teyrn of Highever. Your brother goes off to Ostagar and scouts into the Kocari wilds before Rendon Howe and his men storm the castle and kill your family, but Duncan visits and he helps you escape, your father is wounded and your mother refuses to leave his side, and fights whoever comes their way, giving the chance for Duncan and you to escape. 

 My Warden was a rogue, which makes it easy for me to pick locks to doors and treasure chests as well as being able to dual wield weapons as well as bows and crossbows, and be able to turn the battle in your favour by shrouding yourself in smoke to stay hidden, detect and disarm traps and backstab enemies for critical damage.

 Anyways, My warden, I engaged in a romance with Alistair to become queen, I managed to complete a lot more side quests in this play through which aided me in the landsmeet as I always seemed to be the less favourable of sides, so through the sidequests, I wound up becoming the favourable side and simply dueled with Logain instead of the whole battle of the landsmeet. I downloaded The Stone Prisoner for Shale (it was free) and did everything I could to become friends with everyone in the group apart from Sten (I don’t know why, I just forgot about him)

 I went through the ritual with Morrigan by persuading Alistair to sleep with her to create a child which will absorb the taint of the Archdemon and therefore not kill the warden. 

 Alistair became king, I became queen, I spoke to everyone, Shale wasn’t there for some reason, and that’s my wardens story.