Unusual interesting tool for texturing, using particle brushes!


This minute long tutorial teaches you how to make objects glow in Maya Autodesk! 

I used this tutorial to figure out how to make the window glow in my Mouse House

Video created by youtuber OneMinute Maya

daikon-console-deactivated20141 asked:

Heya! I was just wondering what do you use to create texture maps? I've been doing guesswork for my texturing and it never works the way I'd like it to (Y'know 'cause I'm guessing how the image would look on the shape... doesn't work out usually > p <) So yeah! It would be neat to know how you do it (O u O)!

Check out this similar question (link) it might be more of what you are looking for, if not please continue reading :) 

Before doing any texturing, I always look at the models UVs (pronounced U-VEEZ). They are coordinates on a 2D plan that map how a texture image is displayed on a 3D mesh. They can be rearranges, scaled, rotated,cut, sewn together just like like the mesh, but only in a 2D plan. In maya, it looks like this, will be using Captain Falcon for this example:

From there, when the mesh or any of its pieces are selected…

…they correspond to a location in the UV editor.

How the UVs are arranged is entirely dependent on who modeled it: arranging UVs is like doing a puzzle with the exception that all the pieces need to make sense to you (or whoever else is texturing). I typically put a models head and face UVs secions in the upper right, bodies on the left, feet on the bottom, etc.It all depends on the complexity of the model, if pieces can mirrored or not. All factors to consider when modeling.

As long as you (or whoever else is doing the texturing) are able to tell what is where, there is no *wrong* way to UV. That goes without saying, you want to make the best use of space in the UV editor, try not to have large gaps of nothing.

But before I actually do any texturing, I make sure the UVs are laid out properly. A good way to tell is by using a checked texture, Like this one:

v Feel free to use one and all! v

^ Feel free to use one and all! ^

If the squares are not deformed or stretched when applied to the mesh, then the UVs are good, if not, simply move UV points, sew edges, split edges, scale, rotate, etc as needed. It can be time consuming, it can be tedious, but worth the effort to get a good texture.

See any distortion?

Yes, some of the squares and number “3” are stretched beneath his armpit, that mean said texture would also be deformed if I textured without accounting for it. But since that particular area did not have much detail or focus, I left it as is, and said distortion is hardly noticeable with the final texture applied.

Was bit wordier than I intended, hope that helps :)

P.S. I must confess: doing UVs is my ABSOLUTE favorite part of 3D modeling. I cannot stress enough how much I love arranging pieces into nice organized works of art ready to be textured OvO

kazeknight asked:

Could you explain how to make/texture glasses in low poly?

From the very beginning: This method works in maya, but it should get the idea across even if using different modeling or texturing software.

: Start with cube: 2: Delete three of its faces 3: Squish. Modify size/length if needed.

1: Make sure UVs make sense to you, using auto UV or manually, etc

2: In photoshop (or whatever art program you use) draw out the frames however you want them to look. I typically stick to 128x128 resolutions as I would include them in the same file as the character, unlike this example. 

3: Save the texture without a background as a .png. All blank areas should appear invisible.

1: Import the .png file into maya, assign it to a material. and apply it to the mesh. Be as detailed or not as whatever style you are aiming for!

Thats really all there is to it! This is by no means the only way to do low poly glasses, but *a* way that I prefer. Just practice/experiment with as few polys and low a resolution as you feel comfortable with! I hope that answered you question!


Bear Simulator Progress Report #7: Textures and a Billboard

Hi, I hope you are having a great day today. First off, made a Kickstarter update, check that yo.

Now, on to this progress report. It’s about textures, YEAH!

So whilst making up some textures for this bear game I am sneaking messages in along with strange text, for example:

Trying to not overdo it and also trying to not use much “internet humor” since that can get pretty cringey. So I’m hovering between making the references subtle to glaringly obvious.

For this billboard I bought, it was blank and I had no idea wtf to put on it:

So I decided to be an egoist and put my website on it, along with a stock photo of a lady laughing to herself and eating salad:

That was a good decision.


EDIT: Just noticed I mispelled on that billboard, supposed to be “everywhere” not everwhere.