7. Text Sets

Text Sets can be used to compile alternative texts for the students use. A big importance of text sets is that they contain materials that vary in length, difficulty, and text structure. This is crucial because you want to have material that can fit the needs of all students. Those below level, at level, and above. Some examples of text sets are…

In an algebra class system of equations will be a topic that you will encounter. Some students have a difficult time with this. An example question is

y= -3x – 2, 6x + 2y = -4. Here is an example text set that will help you with your students.

 Khan Academy:

From their website it says for students: “Students can make use of our extensive library of content, including interactive challenges, assessments, and videos from any computer with access to the web.”



 This is a great resource for teachers to use to help students who either need additional help or to push students who need to be challenged. It is a free resource for any to use and walks you through step by step how to use the site. There is no level too low. This starts from the bottom and will allow the student to accomplish certain mathematical principles that they may have thought would have been impossible.

 YouTube is full of instructional videos on a wide variety of levels and the brilliant thing about YouTube is that if one video does not make sense then just go to another. Here are two examples. 



 Purple Math is a website that students can visit and its purpose is to try and help struggling students gain an understanding. This does well about explain not only how to do the problem but how the problem would come up.


 SOS Math is a website that was made to provide students additional help. One neat thing about this website is that all examples are student requested.


Wikipedia. I know this will make some people cringe but there are loads of useful information on the website. One benefit of Wikipedia is that whatever word the student does not know in the explanation they can usually click a link that will then explain to them that word.


This is just a short list of a text set and many will include different textbooks. And some students may not have Internet access to being able to provide a student with print outs from these websites could be extremely useful.


Problem Sleuth: Font/Colour associations

(Halloween Edition!)

Candy Corn Vampire- Orange+Blood of Dracula   

Death- White+I Still Know  

Tootsie-Roll Frankenstein- Brown+Face your Fears  

Gummy Worm Zombie- Purple+Zombie Attack

“Savvy teachers build upon the power of reading recommendations. Although face-to-face conversations about favorite selections can serve as powerful reading motivators for many students, social cataloging websites allow readers to connect, share, discuss, and archive their reading suggestions within and beyond their school settings.”