If your “triggers” include a list that is 4 things and that list is comprised of “nail filers, public hair, Poverty” and the name of a cartoon character you don’t know the name of, you seriously need to sit down because you know nothing about triggers. And that is just unacceptable.

Add on if you have a list of things people can’t like in order to follow you I’mma assume you’re 12 years old with a pretty good standing both with a social life and live in a house slightly better then what most classify as “middle class”. Plus your list included “Miku Hatusune” Because “she is a mennequin (which is spelled wrong by the way) being controlled by the media by choice” and “choosing to eat plant/animasl/any otherkins by choice” I am unable to take you as a intelligent human/thing and wish you would just fall in a hole somewhere never to have internet access again.

Is that wrong of me? More then likely. Do I care? Not really no.


Went to sleep on time, woke up in the middle of the night and didn’t really fall back asleep the way I woulda liked.

Had dreams about things and people that don’t really make me feel good. But in fact, make me upset because I know that’ll never happen again with her.

Then got outa bed and read something that makes me waaaaaay more jealous then I need to be so I feel like yeaaaah….I’mma just….go over here now…bleh. Shitty start to my day.

Oh my god you will never guess who thought extending her shift to 8 hours after 6 hours of skeep was a good idea FUCK YOU YOU GUESSED WRONG IT WAS ME I obviously hate myself it’s just when the manager phones all heycwanna help a brother out HOW DO YOU



Why do we buy games we know we'll hate?

Why do we devote ourselves to game franchises that just keep taking our money for nothing and disappointing us?

It seems that it’s in our nature to want to relive the glory days of when said franchises “used to be good.” Sonic is a prime example of this, considering it’s generally agreed his best games all came out in his first four or so years in the game industry. Soon after Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sega failed to deliver more quality platformers featuring the Blue Blur for a long time, and by the time Sonic Adventure came out, it was too little and too late to save Sega’s place in the console business.

…Or so we thought.

Go back to the original 16-bit Sonics. I’ll wait.

They haven’t exactly held up as well as Mario, have they?

Truth be told, the levels of Sonic’s apparent glory days aren’t much less shallow or more intricate than those of his newer outings. Plenty of stages are either pretty cheaply designed or are too heavily focused on making Sonic zip past everything. That’s not to say they’re BAD games, but it’s difficult to justify their status as legitimate classics.

It seems as though nostalgia makes everything appear better. It’s the same reason people AGE forty and up say that kids these days are less well behaved than they used to (never mind that they grew up in the 60’s, a decade full of rebels, but that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms).

Long story short, before you buy a game that tries to bank on nostalgia, play the game/s that it bases itself off of. Do they hold up? If so, then go for it. If not, you might wish to think twice about buying the newest installment. (Pokemon and COD, anyone?)

I try not to wait for anything, everything you want, need, love or desire is happening right NOW. Those unspoken connections between family and friends or even total strangers are the ones that stick to my heart. Nothing else matters in that very moment. The bliss of contentment with your current state whatever it may be, is my happiest moment of my life.  

Im having a very shitty week. I fuck up at work, i’m late to work by an hour, I get dumped, along with getting a ticket and the week isn’t over yet. I want it to just end and be done with but its never that easy is it? I want to just go away to never return. But I can’t do that, maybe I’m just upset and alone. I don’t like being alone, well there is nothing I can really do about that. None of this makes any sense I’m sorry to who ever reads this.

part of the time

i really now kinda wish i would’ve kept my old tumblr.  i had it back before it was cool LOL.
but really tho there are times where i wish i didn’t delete because now it makes it look like i’m new to tumblr