Since 1975, the Tamworth Regional Gallery has been building a collection of Australian fibre art and curating regular exhibitions to celebrate the richness and diversity of the textile arts. In 2014, they opened Group Exchange: The 2nd Tamworth Textile Triennial, a touring exhibition that features new work from 22 of Australia’s leading fibre artists.

Relive opening night with Emily Orpin!

Had this idea on my pinterest board “DIY” for ages and now that my course is almost finished for the year I’ve had the time to sort through my mother’s colourful threads and wrap them neatly around 50 pegs that I bought from Poundland. They look a lot better now and I won’t have to worry about them getting tangled anymore!

Tired of US Fabric Stores

Okay. So is it just me or are the fabric stores on 7th Ave just totally boring? I feel like every time I go into Mood fabrics or Elegant, I never find any new interesting fabrics.

Solution: Valli Tessuti Alta Moda

If I were in Florence right now, I think I would be in this fabric store for hours on end. These fabrics look beyond magical and I am sure that they are even more wonderful to sew with! Based on their online store, they offer a wide range of fabrics from lightweight to textured. They also offer novelty fabrics like feathered, embossed, and laser cut. 

I decided to look a little further into the company and read their “About Us” section to get a better feel for what they offer to their customers. The company Fermo Valli started in 1907, which is incredible because that is over 100 years that they have been around! Isn’t that crazy to think about? They offer designer fabrics that are trend-forward, unique and elegant in their own ways. 

So long story short - if you are in Florence, Milan, Bologna or Roma… make sure you stop in to Valli to experience these special treasures of Italia.