So Bershka has been using their store windows as a platform to promote and show the work of young artists in their B.Y.D.P. (Bershka Young Designers Project) and they decided to show my work at their selected store this time!


If you live close to any of the location listed below, please go see it! It’d be great if you could send me a photo/video or tag me on Instagram or something (my instagram is @mnmrmt) I dunno but thank you domo arigato in advance. 

Berlin, Vienna, Brussel, London (Oxford/Park House), Barcelona, Madrid, A Coruña, Paris, Milan, Bologna, Zürich, Amsterdam, Prague, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, Osaka and Moscow

That square photo is a window in Berlin, the next one is A Coruña, and I wanted to post those gifs because I worked v hard to make that prototype.