Astonishingly Dense Quilled Paper Rugs by Lisa Nilsson

These astonishing renderings of symmetrically designed carpets are the beginning of a new paper sculpture series by artist Lisa Nilsson who arranges quilled strips of hand-cut mulberry paper at remarkably small scale. The new paper works are a departure from show a marked leap in her nearly unbelievable vision of paper quilling, something All Things Paper’s Ann Martin boldly states “has never been seen in its hundreds of years as an art form.” Unlike a traditional rug that might be woven row by row, Nilsson instead starts at the very center and progresses slowly outward, a tedious process that takes several months to complete a single piece. If you want to learn more, head over to All Things Paper to read an interview with Nilsson about her process.

Via: thisiscolossal

Iconic piece for my store, Junie ghost. Textile with beads. lace and paint, this is a detail. This sunday I’ll have a shop at a lolita-event in Delft, the Netherlands. I’m finally close to opening the online store too and want the prices to be set after sunday. The point is, the items are so elaborate I really doubt about the price and I don’t have many products. There will be pre-orders as well. Also, some original art will be for sale.