Some sketchdumps… while I’m on hiatus still. 

So I’m writing and re-writing some stories for Toby and Guy, deciding to make a b/w comic instead of colors and also fixing loose ends (like the human disguising elements etc and ground rules in their world bla bla bla) yep. Pretty much, deconstructing, tearing my comic apart and rebuilding it again like lego bricks. 

Come to think of it,  legos probably made from Hell, well if you step on them of course, they’ll hurt like a motherfucker. 

sorry for the wait guys. Making comics isn’t easy. Thank you for your patience. 


The excellent Production Notes for Fury Road are available online. Here are some excerpts. [long post] [random bolding] 


“I realized I’d unconsciously tapped into that classic mythological archetype,” [George Miller] says. “In Japan, they called Max a lone Ronin Samurai. In France, they saw the film as a ‘Western on wheels’ and Max as the lone gunslinger. In Scandinavia, some said Max reminded them of a solitary Viking warrior, wandering the harsh landscape.”

• Casting Tom Hardy in the role, Miller knew he’d found an actor who could bring a palpable truth to the mythic figure, noting, “It’s easy to be cautious as an actor, but there are some who are emotional warriors, and that’s Tom. He’s fearless. I was waiting for someone like Tom to come along and knew he would find the soul of Max within himself.”

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aguilamagica asked:

You've said you don't do public tours at WotC, but perhaps you could put five special golden cards in five random boosters so that five lucky players (and perhaps a family member of their choice) could come visit. What could go wrong with that?

It would require us changing at least one of the elevators to glass. : )


I’m really impressed by the fact how gracefully Taylor, Martha and Gigi handle with this situation, because this is actually sick. I can understand paparazzi because this is what they always do, but the fact that random people point iphones and tablets in their faces is disgusting. I know that Taylor and girls are famous, and beautiful and that they got used to it and try not to complain about it, but they deserve normal life and they deserve simple things like going out to the restaurant without half of the NYC following them. I really hope that ‘trips’ to Taylor’s apartment will stop, cause she gives us so much, she meets people before and after the shows, she’s very active on here and she always says yes when someone asks for a picture on the street, so I hope that people will let her live and give her some space. 

anonymous asked:

List of your favorite words please! (I'm not weird it's just that you used really obscure vocabulary in addict with a pen and I just gah! I want more words like that in my word dictionary.)

its like my guilty pleasure to use as many unusual or pretty sounding words as possible in my fics bc it helps create the atmosphere and im so in love with words but yeS okay

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First ACNL Give away!!!

Hello! 안녕?!
I’m 담비 Mayor from 하나비 Village.
This is my first give away<3
I’m Korean acnl artist.
I wanted make foreign friend, I open this Give away!

1. Follow me (till finished this or forever..? )
2. Like this posting
(I delete 3rd rule! it will be simple ;) ) if you are people who will get my presents: 4.add my fc.

finish! ;D

1st presents - 2000000bells + 2 red carnation +1pink carnation + rococo bed + 2random japanese items + 1 gold rose + 2 best enviroment flower (I don’t know this name kk Silver bubble flower?? I’m korean. so I don’t know this english name)

2nd - 1000000 bells + 2 red carnation + 1white carnation + rococo shelf + 1 random japanese item + 1 gold rose

3rd - 500000 bells + 1 red carnation + 1 random balloon + 1 best environment flower ( I don’t know this eng name cause I’m korean kk)

4th - 150000 bells + 1 best environment flower ( idk this english name. cause I’m korean)

*finish day : 2015 6.6
* give day : 2015 6.6 ( in24 hour from anounce people who will get my presents)
I didn’t use any editor to got bells. It was really hard. But I love make people happy from me! I love acnl all user!

makeup tutorial drinking game: venus angelic edition

take a shot every time she says

-like a doll
-a random fact about asia
-apply ur circle lenses. these are my 15 meeleemeeeter circle lenses
-small face nose and mouth
-boo bye bye boo

This literally happened during today’s session.

The head belonged to a random crewmember from the airship we were travelling on.

What happened was a corrupted windigo attacked our airship as we were travelling. One of the crewmembers strayed too far from the ship and got dismembered. The windigo spat pieces of that crewmember back at us for some reason. Heart caught the head before she realised what it was. She was not happy.