i just want yall to know that if i did my research right, they stayed at the bungalow before the judge’s houses for a week and 13 days and so since we have found out that harry wrote alex and sierra’s “I love you” under a pseudonym, i give you this wonderful tidbit

sierra’s first verse:

You ran your finger down my back
And you spelled out your name
While we laid there on the soft warm ground for a week and thirteen days

sierra’s second verse:

I fell in love with a beautiful boy
And you still take my breath away

Gosh, Island Adventure was so great! Lars was allowed to show real emotion and no one ridiculed him for crying or feeling lost and alone on an island that terrified him. Sadie, while well-intentioned, showed that she is just as flawed and inexperienced at developing relationships as Lars is. Sadie fished while Lars cooked, flipping their gender roles and being completely comfortable with it. Sadie full out BEAT a gem monster without any assistance from Steven or Lars, using both her body and weaponry. And Lars at the end, trying to show gratitude and Sadie being too exhausted to accept it…

I’m SO happy that this episode didn’t gloss over their communication problems or how much they still need to work on themselves before really coming together as a couple. It may feel like they’re back to where they started in Joking Victim, as their argument about the warp pad further hindered their fragile relationship, but Lars showed genuine development in this episode and seems to fully realize how capable, resilient, and amazing Sadie is. Now we just have to wait and see if Lars can properly communicate that to Sadie without simultaneously pushing her away with his standard, self-defensive jerkish behavior.

The greatest thing about fictional world’s and characters are “I can’t bring you into my universe and make you real, but I can go into your universe and there we can do whatever the heck we want and that’s way better “