remember when the biggest issue in haikyuu was that kageyama wouldnt toss to hinata and now here we are possibly on the brink of aobajousai losing to either datekou or karasuno and thereby losing the third years’ last chance of going up against and defeating shiratorizawa

i wish more people understood about how much i love movies

like oh my god you know when i’m having the shittiest day i could ever possibly have there is only one thing that can lighten me up and that is a good movie that i love 

movies are so important to me and nothing and i mean NOTHING does to me what movies do 

there are days when my head is pounding and i want to murder every living thing in front of me but then i sit and i watch some of my fav actors of all time doing hella cool things and i just feel better 

and i hate when people shit all over that and make fun of me or something just because this is something that helps me when i feel so bad i can’t handle anything other than a good movie 

like please do not ruin something that makes me so happy just because you don’t understand it??? idk something that was on my mind today 

i’m always so mad when fans who don’t ship a thing are like “what about friendship????” like we’re lacking in that. like it’s cool if you don’t ship my ship, that’s fine, but there are hundreds of same sex friendships in media. in fact, that’s basically all there is bc we don’t get same sex relationships. amazing, right??? amazing that there is so much friendship in media and -2 queerness??? wow. that’s so weird. never would’ve suspected.

(thanks for liking that post !!! wowow !!!) so, ok , to start off let me just say this is gonna be abt romance and if ur comfy, feel free to ignore!!! also sorry this was gonna be fanmail but it was too long, so i figured u might wanna read it under a readmore so i a) dont get ask limit and b) dont like, send u a suppeerrrr long message„ anyways !!!!

warning: really really long„

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rpjasonblake said:

[text message]: hey derek, it's jason! how are you? you busy? sorry if this is not the right time. so um text me back when you're free!

[text message]: hi jason. I’m fine…is there something wrong? you know you can text me whenever you need to.

Great, so, not only has my mother lost, hidden or thrown away the fitted bottom sheet for my favourite sheet set, I now find that she has lost, hidden or thrown away my blue hibiscus duvet cover. I can find the matching pillowcases (one of them drenched in cat piss so I’ll just wash them all) but there is no sign of the cover.

This is one reason why I HATE having no option but living here: none of my stuff is safe. My mother will move it and fuck around with it without ever asking my permission (if I am out when she wants to fuck around she won’t wait until I get home or even TEXT ME about it) and when I can’t find things I want, things I bought with MY MONEY when I HAD money, things that are the little I have of a LIFE OF MY OWN, and I ask her what she’s done with them, she acts all reproachful and hurt like this is a really unreasonable question and how can I expect her to know a thing like that with all she has on her plate.


Impromptu overnight

I need someone to text me when I get to this guys place. I’ve never met this guy and I’m going to jersey for a 4k overnight. I screened him and got a reference from a girl. He’s seems legit but I’m still a bit nervous. So can I have someone’s number to text when I make it there. I don’t wanna die but 4k sounds sweet!

guys i had a really great christmas idea.

okay, when you reblog this, i will write your url on a strip of paper

then when more people reblog, i’ll loop them together and make a christmas paper chain!

and on christmas, i’ll post a masterlist of all the urls, and take pictures of it and it will be very merry jolly and christmas.

so reblog (you dont have to be following me, this is for everyone), and i’ll get to work