Countdown to Open House: 1 DAY!!!

Here are some great last minute words of wisdom before Open House tomorrow!  Our number one tip: just relax and BE YOURSELF.  Yes, cheesy, we know, but you are going in search of your home for the next 4 years (and beyond), so let the real you shine through, and you’ll discover where you naturally fit.  The last thing you want to do is be someone you’re not and find yourself “faking it” for the whole of your college experience.  Any last minute questions?– be sure to send them our way!  We’re here to help YOU and put your mind at ease.


Bid Day

(Tuesday August 27, 5 PM – TBD)

What to wear: A fun summer dress or skirt and blouse. Lots of girls will be in florals and bright colors.  Cute sandals or low, comfortable heels are recommended, since you won’t know exactly what activities your new chapter has planned for the evening. You will have your photo taken LOTS on Bid Day, so make sure you feel good in what you’re wearing!

All of your efforts really showed on stage tonight, ya’ll have made me an extremely proud Dance Chair! Thank you for being so awesome to work with, I hope this experience was unforgettable for you all. #instakdphi #texasgreeks #walkitout (at Welcome to Greek, Alpha Taus! 💜)