This is a photo contest submission from this summer - it’s of a weeping angel at Holy Cross Cemetery in Waco (next to Oakwood Cemetery). To find out more about this beautiful statue click the link below: Share your photos ofxasBrazosTrailrail // via Instagram

By @txbkrds “This beast terrorized the waters of the Cretaceous Sea that went up through the middle of North America. A 28-foot Pliosaur hangs from the ceiling of the Mayborn Museum Complex above fossils of the same, found during the dam construction of Lake Waco.

The Mayborn Museum Complex opened in 2004 and combines three area museums: the Bill Daniels Historic Village, the Ollie Mae Discover Center and The Strecker Natural History Museum, which we’re told is the oldest in the state.

A cool feature of the Mayborn is the museum is open free to the public on the first Sunday of each month.

Mayborn Museum Complex - Waco, Texas”

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The Texas Brazos Trail would like to congratulate the Cell Block for being named winner of the Best Renovation/Rehabilitation category of the 2014 Texas Downtown Association (TDA) Presidents Awards Program.
The Best Renovation/Rehabilitation award recognizes excellence in rehabilitation (i.e., renovation or remodeling) of interior or exterior of an existing building. Judges were simply blown away by the project and how it has contributed to Clifton’s amazing downtown.

The Cell Block turned an old, falling down historic jail into a beautiful B&B in downtown Clifton. If you’re looking for a really unique place to stay/visit in Central Texas, you have to check out the Cell Block!.

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