While the death rattle of Dublin Dr Pepper was still clanging in everyone’s ears and hearts, the Texanist (aka Associate Editor David Courtney) had the task of answering a reader’s question about what to do with a kid who had broken 4 bottles of the cane sugar magic. The Texanist, a well known fan of the Dublin DP, proved that all he needed to project the correct emotion for this reference photo was the mere thought of it happening to him. Or it could have been that orange carpet. 

When the Texanist got asked if ornamental testicles were ever ok to attach to the back of a pick up truck we knew illustrator Jack Unruh was going to have some SERIOUS fun. After we dried our eyes from laughing so hard at it, we realized the testicles looked a little too authentic. We put the above round of color changes to a vote, and you can go here to see which one made the cut (zing!) and see what the Texanist has to say on the matter. 

When it comes to reference photos, sometimes we have to improvise. When we needed to shoot Associate Editor David Courtney (known to the world as the Texanist) holding a baby well, one wasn’t readily available. Enter a pillow filched from a nearby couch and a little imagination, and illustrator Jack Unruh was able to fill in the blanks. To check and see if your parenting skills are panning out to producing a fine little Texan, go check out The Texanist’s Parenting Quiz in our September issue, online now!

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