So BioWare has mentioned a few times that the Wardens story is over with and that in future games we won’t be hearing from them. Well. What if DAI has a DLC about the Warden?

Okay. Like Leliana loses contact with them and asks the Inquisitor to check it out. So we go and try to find the last known location of the Warden, some where out in the fucking boondocks of the West. And it’s like a fucking Deep Roads mission, UGH, but it makes sense so stay with me. The roads lead to an old Tevintar ruin. You fight through a shit ton of Darkspawn, close some Rifts, and deal with some demons.

But then you come to the end. That’s where you find them. The Warden. They’re dying and holding a book or vial which holds the cure for the Calling. They give it to the Inquisitor saying to give it to the Wardens so that they can be cured. But there is no hope for them. Then they pull a letter out from their pocket saying to have it sent to their LI, or to give it to Leliana. And if Leliana is romanced then they’ll ask you to tell her that they’re sorry they couldn’t return to them and more heartbreaking things. Then a hoard can be heard coming. The Warden stands, ready to fight one last time. They shout for the Inquisitor to go and that they will hold them off.

And when the Inquisitor returns, to a romanced Leliana, the Spymaster is beyond upset. Not only has she lost Justinia but now she’s lost her love.

I feel like I was barely upset in DAI, I felt more shocked than anything, so having a heartbreaking DLC only seems fitting.

*tap dances away into sadness*

The awkward convo dorian starts w a dalish inquisitor about whether things are going to be awkward between them (because of what tevintar did to the elves) made so much more sense when I found out the dalish inquisitor (or sera, if u play a dif race) is literally the first elf who wasn’t a slave that he’s ever interacted with

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With her nose buried in a book — literature from the Tevintar Imperium, borrowed courtesy of Dorian — Morrigan was a blur , pacing all about the courtyard in the wee hours of the morning Sun had yet to breach the outer ramparts; and left most of Skyhold cloaked in shadow. This was perhaps the o n l y time of day where the mage had any peace;; no nobility clawing at her to fix a broken bone, or mend their relations with other clans — news of her affiliation with the Emperess had proven less than beneficial, and wore her down more than she would admit or dare let show —-

—- this was why, she found sanctuary in the one place few would look, now, as pastel colored sky alerted her to the waking of Skyhold’s inhabitants. She slams the door shut;; a private bathing room, whose steam which had been pouring under the door o u g h t to have alerted her to the presence of another occupying it — but in her urgency to escape ,she had overlooked that minor detail.

" OH. "

Cassandra ;; the Seeker , and right hand to the Divine was —- naked. Half-submerged under a pool of crystalline water; and Morrigan’s eyes were attempting to tear away from the scene — with no hope of success.

" — I see that you have no weapons nearby, perhaps — that is good. For you would undoubtedly have my head for this — so in return for your good graces, you will have my apologies, and an immediate departure." 

With burning cheeks and a down-turned gaze, she gathers her bearings and f l e e s into the throngs of refugees and as far from her as she can get — and yet no matter how quickly so moves, or blinks her eyes;; she cannot rid her mind of that sculpted, tan, and hardy-but-soft, frame.

Asdfg oh my god the end of the letter u get when Josephine finishes A Friend In Qarinus if u choose her at the war table

It’s from a tevintar magister she has connections with

"Give my love to Dorian. The poor boy is such a hot house orchid, he must be wilting in the cold."


""stay out of trouble" she says. hawkes involved. trouble will always follow."

trying to remember how to draw fenris sorry about crappy phone pics
bonus: tevintar slaver killing outfit