Telvent GIT helping China with their Smart Cities

Telvent GIT is a leading real-time IT solutions and information provider. They aim to create a sustainable world. Some major Chinese cities like Nanning, Fushun and Erdos want to transform how they are managed at present and they asked Telvent GIT to help them with this. They will especially be focusing on intelligent urban and mobility management since the company already has a Smart Mobility technology which they can implement. This technology can be used by cities to make the most of their road infrastructure. It’s expected that the cities will lower their traffic delays by more than 35 per cent and that the inner-city commute rate will drop by around 15 per cent.

What these cities need is a more centralized real-time traffic infrastructure management and control, and this is what Telvent is going to provide. Operators will become more efficient in responding more rapidly to incidents or emergency situations, there will be a more heightened security and by having access to real-time traffic information, people will spend less time on their daily travel. So all these advantages benefit in a better quality of life for the citizens of these cities. These efforts focusing on optimizing urban mobility also have a positive impact on the environment. This will probably lead to 10 per cent less pollution.

They also want to reduce road accidents. And Telvent can help with this because their technology can monitor traffic situations in the metropolitan areas, which can lead to a smoother traffic flow. So there is a variety of systems that needs to be implemented in these cities. Examples are the red-light violation control systems, video surveillance and speed measurement systems.

Ignacio González, Chairman and CEO of Telvent said that they are proud to play and keep playing an active role in the development of China. He said that they are helping China to develop smarter cities that are more committed to efficient infrastructure and mobility management so the citizens can life in a more safe, sustainable and livable environment.  

Telvent has had an active role as a technological smart leader in China since 1990. They are currently executing similar projects in more than nine Chinese cities including Beijing and Panjin.