The New Collection: Reliquaries

Inspired by the Power of magickal herbs and animals from the Forest, we have created this collection of talismans and reliquaries to enhance the powers of the Craft practicioner. Magickal herbs courtesy of Teufelskunst.

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Art Catalogue
By the end of this year I will also put up a project on kickstarter. I do not expect anything near the sum that well known artist collect there (which is pretty amazing) but if each of my friends donates only 5$ I might well be able to fund my first art-book and perhaps even get some more artists on board so we can make the first Teufelskunst art-catalogue.

A Sabbatical encounter, all the tools arranged and ready for the frenzy.

Mushrooms, herbs, roots, and bones, all mingled together in the cauldron of inspiration.

And then, one by one, taken from the hands of the witch gardeners and forest sheperds, and disposed in the poisoned altar.

This is the fruit of the poison, the result of the darkest messages found in the woods. Hope they will be properly used, cherished and sacralized.

None of this would have been possible without the contribution of the precious materials we so fortunately found in Teufelskunst. This shall be the first step in a long path.


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Reliquaries collection. 

Pendants filled with the power of magickal herbs and funghi used since medieval times, wonderfully provided by Teufelskunst. Mandrake, deadly nightshade, wormwood, henbane and fly agaric. The components for flying ointments, love filters, poisons and ultimate guides in the treshold. 

Ritually crafted, following the teachings that poisons can bring. Dwelling in the Poison Path.

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A pure Essence, driven by pure Will. Emerging from the depths of the Earth, baptised by the power of Ever-changing Death, fed by the poisons that surround us, either herbal, mineral or animal.

The Spirit is awaken by the calling of the Great Serpent, which breaths life into its lungs. The Soul now learns to work its own Magick, to create its own Craft.

The Craft and Path will emerge crystal clear before the Self, no matter which Name it has been given. The Soul is ready to take the Path towards Self Consciousness, the Brightest of Lights, in tune with the roots, the bones and the black stones that will serve both as a tool and as a guide.

It’s not a futile desire, nor a temporary infatuation, but it is the ultimate Aim, a life’s Pursuit. The Soul will gain consciousness of his tremendous power, and aided by the Spirit behind-it-All, will accomplish its goal.

Thus, we proudly present Sinistra, the new collection of Occvlta’s pendants, crafted with the invaluable help and inspiration of Teufelskunst's prima materia. Sinistra is intended to be a Call to the Soul, the validation of pure Will, the acknowledgement of the Self in the Devious side of existance: the talismans of the Left Hand Path.

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The new collection by Occvlta. A series of talismans focused on the power which only familiar spirits and invisible helpers can give. We have crafted this collection around them, together with the precious herbs from Teufelskunst.

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First card set with my plant sigils, which I brought with me for the London Magical Arte event earlier this year. I had printed the cards but not yet made a nice packaging for them. So I made a slipcase by myself and with paper bought from my local bookbinder. The slipcase stands even and I figure it’s more practical this way, also when storing it on one’s bookshelf. The first two card sets have been sent out beginning of this month, one went to Italy and the other one to Australia. I will be doing a small summer solstice edition, which can be ordered next month. If you wish to have one please message me already at info@teufelskunst.com. The price is set at 31 Euro for one set consisting of 40 cards + 4 colored postcards.

Lesser Sowing Seal


This is an alternate version of the Greater Sowing Seal (Teufelskunst Sigilum Major, the one in the logo), which can be traced by hand more easily. It is playing with the letter T, Serpent symbolism and elements inspired by Persian scripture. This one can also be seen as a version or derivation of a Serpents’ Mark placed upon the Fireborn Man and Woman.