JTetris - Super silly shape-shifting QWOP fun inspired by gameshows like Japan’s Human Tetris or the USA’s Hole in the Wall.

To manipulate your limbs, the QW and OP Keys are used to operate the left and right arms, while the AS and KL keys are used to operate the legs.

Remembering what key does what as increasingly fast walls come hurtling at you is pretty tough, making for some pretty frantic button pressing as you try and get that last arm lined up! 

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If online strategy games can get hot swimsuit models and sexy ads to promote them, then surely I can use the same tactic to get some love for my favorite classic (and not even vaguely sexual) video games as well. :D

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Tetris Heat Changing Cup

Give your morning cup of coffee a geeky twist with this Tetris heat changing cup. This officially licensed twelve ounce cup will transform in seconds to a colorful game of Tetris when you add any hot beverage to it, making it a great gift idea for old school gamers.


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