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The REAL definition of White Supremacy (w/ SELF TEST) | Elijah Hamilton 

In this video Elijah attempts to define the difference between systemic white supremacy, also commonly referred to as whiteness, and being a white supremacist. He goes on to elaborate that most people classified as white have been brainwashed into the myth of black inferiority.

To build off this point, it is important to remember that white supremacy, as an encompassing apparatus of institutions making up contemporary society, is the dominant mechanism which shapes white people’s conceptions about race, how they build racial identities, histories, mythologies and stereotypes, how they operate in the world, and perhaps most of all, it is by this process of normalization that they come to feel, if not know, their dominant place in it.

Helping to illuminate just how far-reaching into the subconscious this sort of thinking goes, Elijah asks a series of questions to test to see the ways that people may hold unconscious biases that they are not even aware of.

Check out his first video here. Also, if you like what you see, subscribe to his YouTube channel and look out for more videos. Personally I think it’s very important for white folks to see other white folks stepping up and speaking out against white supremacy. 

Bang Bang
  • Bang Bang
  • Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, & Ariana Grande

It’s Myx Moscato
It’s frizz in a bottle
It’s Nicki full throttle
It’s oh, oh
Swimming in the grotto
We winning in the lotto
We dipping in the pot of blue foam, so
Kitten so good
It’s dripping on wood
Get a ride in the engine that could
Go, Batman robbin’ it
Bang, bang, cockin’ it
Queen Nicki dominant, prominent
It’s me, Jessie, and Ari
If they test me they sorry
Ride us up like a Harley
Then pull off in this Ferrari
If he hanging we banging
Phone ranging, he slanging
It ain’t karaoke night but get the mic ‘cause I’m singing

World’s First 3D Printer in Space Will Launch This Month

The first 3D printer ever to fly in space will blast off this month, and NASA has high hopes for the innovative device’s test runs on the International Space Station.

The 3D printer, which is scheduled to launch toward the orbiting lab Sept. 19 aboard SpaceX’s unmanned Dragon cargo capsule, could help lay the foundation for broader in-space manufacturing capabilities, NASA officials said. The end result could be far less reliance on resupply from Earth, leading to cheaper and more efficient missions to faraway destinations such as Mars.

"The on-demand capability can revolutionize the constrained supply chain model we are limited to today and will be critical for exploration missions," Niki Werkheiser, manager of NASA’s "3-D Printing in Zero-G" project at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, said in a statement. [3D Printing in Space (Photo Gallery)]

3D Printing in Zero-G is a collaboration between NASA and California-based startup Made in Space, which built the machine that’s heading to the space station this month. The microwave-size 3D printer was cleared for flight in April after an extensive series of tests at Marshall.

3D printers build objects layer by layer out of metal, plastic, composites and other materials, using a technique called extrusion additive manufacturing. NASA hopes Made in Space’s device works normally aboard the station, thus demonstrating that 3D printers can produce high-quality parts in space as well as on Earth.

If that turns out to be the case, replacing a broken part or tool aboard the orbiting lab could be a matter of simply pushing a button.

"I remember when the tip broke off a tool during a mission," said NASA astronaut T.J. Creamer, who lived aboard the space station from December 2009 to June 2010. "I had to wait for the next shuttle to come up to bring me a new one. Now, rather than wait for a resupply ship to bring me a new tool, in the future, I could just print it."

It will likely take the 3D printer from 15 minutes to an hour to print something aboard the space station, depending on the size and complexity of the object, researchers said. Blueprints for desired parts can be loaded onto the machine before launch or beamed up from the ground.

"This means that we could go from having a part designed on the ground to printed in orbit within an hour or two from start to finish," Werkheiser said.

While the space station is the proving ground for this test, NASA officials see great potential for 3D printing beyond low-Earth orbit. For example, deep-space missions could benefit greatly from the technology, because it would be tough to ferry a spare part to a vessel already on its way to an asteroid or Mars.

"NASA is great at planning for component failures and contingencies. However, there’s always the potential for unknown scenarios that you couldn’t possibly think of ahead of time," said Ken Cooper, principal investigator at Marshall for 3D printing. ”That’s where a 3D printer in space can pay off. While the first experiment is designed to test the 3D printing process in microgravity, it is the first step in sustaining longer missions beyond low-Earth orbit.”


"It was a shock," he said. "I was living my life and enjoying being young. To find out you have a 6-year-old? It’s unexplainable. It freaked me out."

He said he panicked, ignored the legal documents and never got the required paternity test. The state eventually tracked him down.

Olivas said he owes about $15,000 in back child support and medical bills going back to the child’s birth, plus 10 percent interest. The state seized money from his bank account and is garnisheeing his wages at $380 a month.

The most well-known case was of a Kansas boy who, at age 13, impregnated his 17-year-old baby-sitter. Under Kansas law, a child under the age of 15 is legally unable to consent to sex. The Kansas Supreme Court in 1993 ruled that he was liable for child support.

California issued a similar state court ruling a few years later in the case of a 15-year-old boy who had sex with a 34-year-old neighbor. In that case, the woman had been convicted of statutory rape.

In both cases, it was the state social-services agency that pursued the case after the mother sought public assistance.

"The Kansas court determined that the rape was irrelevant and that the child support was not owed to the rapist but rather to the child,"

DAY 2331

Jalsa, Mumbai             Sept 2/3,  2014             Tue/Wed  9:24 am  

Goodness ! Goodness ! Goodness !

Just did not put in the inputs for last night’s BLOG .. so sorry !!

Actually I was drumming up support for the day because the fever reappeared and I was with the doctors .. and in the final outcome some of the medication just knocked me off ..

I am still with fever, so am off for some tests and shall report to KBC thereafter .. do bear with me .. and once again apologies for this miss ..

Compensating ..



Somewhat curious in my looks and somewhat fever driven .. but the Production is not too unhappy with the outcome .. so one continues ..

KBC planning is such that one cannot suddenly miss out a recording session .. there are too many lateral and longitudinal obligations .. hence !!

Be with you later today, till then … 


Amitabh Bachchan

My dad’s improving pretty quickly. At this point I’m fairly confident he’ll pull through this.

My mom said the doctors are even rather surprised at how fast he’s pulling out of it.Turns out, though, that in addition to the sudden cardiac arrest, he had another small heart attack. His heart was only functioning at 39% after his first heart attack back in 2000, and it’s still at 38% after everything that happened yesterday; he’s really a lucky guy, and I hope with every fiber of my being that he realizes that and changes his ways after everything’s said and done. We’re currently waiting for the results of his EEG test, which could take up to two days. Tomorrow, they’re going to gradually try to ween him from the respirator and see how he breathes on his own. They did a test run tonight, and he did fairly well on his own.

He provided my aunt, my mother, and I with a good laugh earlier. When one of the nurses came to run the machine to clear his lungs, she asked him to cough, which we were happy to see him comply with in what seemed like a conscious manner, but it wasn’t just a cough he let out. We heard a pretty loud fart, and the look of contentment and sheer relief on his face spoke volumes XD It was pretty refreshing to see, though, honestly.

And best of all, my mother got to see him actually respond when the nurses turned off the sedatives long enough to check on him. He squeezed the nurse’s hand, he smiled at his respiratory nurse (one of my mother’s former coworkers, actually :D), and he even looked like he was trying to talk to my mother (though with tubes down his throat he obviously couldn’t.)

I’m glad to say things are really looking up :)

The 11 Questions Tag
I was tagged by the wonderful flashhoran

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1. Whats your Hogwarts house? 5TH YEAR SLYTHERIN HELLO
2. Name the first song that comes to your head. collar full - patd
3. Do you have a pair of vans? No- I’m a converse kinda girl
4. If you were in a band what instrument would you play?  Guitar cuz i actually play guitar (and cant sing for shit)
5. If you could work for any band, who would you work for? All Time Low :)
6. Do you wear socks to bed? HELL NO
7. Jeans or leggings? Jeggings ;) 
8. If you could have any band get back together, what band would it be (and yes you can restore bands back to their original members)? mcr or bring ryro back to patd
9. Do you like brownies? HELL YEA
10. Cookies or donuts? yes. ;P
11. Do you have posters in your room? Yep.  I have like 11 harry potter posters and then I have sws, arctic monkeys, all time low, and captain america.

My questions:

1.  What is your sexuality (don’t answer if not comfortable I don’t want to drag anyone out of the closet)?

2.  Top 5 favorite bands?

3.  Do you have a secret talent?

4.  Favorite subject in school?

5.  Sweatshirts or zip up hoodies?

6.  What time do you wake up on weekends?

7. Current favorite movie?

8.  Do you have siblings?

9.  Rain or sun?

10. Have you ever made a big decision on a whim? (like saying fuck it)

11. Preferred method of torture?

I tag panicking-killjoy testingallbases roumanov voodooloveaffair attackofthedork save-our-lonely-souls snuffery misszahraalasady captainamericanette seamichelle808 sykadorian1707

I would totally love it if you guys tagged me in your responses :)

anonymous said:

whats ur dream girl like?

the very best that no one ever was

to catch her is my real test

to train her is my cause