To All My EMS Peeps out there!!!

So I’m getting ready to take my written registry in about 1 1/2 weeks and practical in 4 1/2 here for my Paramedic and I’m feeling quite nervous about this. I really want to be able to pass this on my first try but I end up with really bad test anxiety..

Can anybody give me any testing advise? How should I approach this exam, is it extremely difficult or would JB learnings practice exams be harder? Is there any tips I can use for while i’m testing?

I just hate being nervous for such important exams.

I HAVE BEEN CHALLENGED BY MY WORLD CIV TEACHER! She is giving us a test on the countries of Europe, she warned everyone that it was going to be hard. We reviewed the test today and I helped several people beside me as to were certain countries where at. Ms.D, I’m a hetalia fan! I WILL ACE THIS TEST!

Love is tested in distance.
It either strengthens
To build a firm bonding between two hearts,
And if not, then it ruins the very fabric
Of trust and commitment.
It all depends on how you make it out:
By either turning it
Into a blessing
Or by spoiling the whole affair
Into an irrevocable break up!
—  Random Xpressions