Pictures from inside the church during Princess Amalia of Nassau’s christening were released by the cour today. July 13th, 2014.


More pictures from Princess Amalia’s baptism which took place at the Chapel of Saint-Ferréol à Lorgues in France.

© 2014 Grand-Ducal Court/ Guy Wolff /all rights reserved. (via PlaceRoyale)


September 17, Konigstein- Prince Felix of Luxembourg married Miss Claire Lademacher today in a civil ceremony held in the bride’s native country, Germany. The entire Grand Ducal Family was present for the event. Prince Felix and the now Princess Claire will again be married on September 21 for a religious wedding in France.

(Post by Christy)

“Maria Teresa and Stephanie have their kindness and great work ethics, Tessy was in the Luxembourg Army and was part of a NATO peacekeeping mission, and Claire is an intelligent Bioethics researcher who is currently perusing a doctorate. The Luxembourg men sure do have a knack for picking wonderful wives, dont they?” - Submitted by Anonymous 

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I was inspired by a lot of 50s/60s travel posters and decided to do an earthbound one in a similar style for an art show at work.  This was the image i was going off of http://www.flickr.com/photos/bigdaddyhame/2144050245/in/set-72157603566651280/ , mine didn’t really turn out anything like it in the end haha.  Which is for the best.