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story time with Tess:

in year seven one of my friends Facebook messaged me this and said “TESSSSS I CAN’T STOP WATCHING THIIISSSS??? i kinda wanna do it……. like when she just turns him over and like sits there!!! Is that wEird ew omg haha <3”

followed by “oh no i shouldn’t have said that oh my god kill me i didn’t send you that!!!!!! ignore it!!!!!”

and all i said was

"no. there is nothing wrong with you at all. i quite enjoyed it too."

followed by like an hour long conversation in which i seemingly introduced her to the idea that sexuality is a thing you’re allowed to both talk about and enjoy and that includes sitting on top of as many boys as you like if that’s your heart’s desire

probably the first direct example of me being that friend to whom the phrase “TMI” does not exist because learning all these things freakishly young will do that and that’s what happened to me

i did not let on to her that throwing boys around and telling them they need to be good was something that appealed to me more than she could imagine because hearing that at twelve from a girl only a year older than you would have been a spin-out

i remembered this story now because of how much i was talking about sexuality in a negative way this morning so i wanted to counter it… remembering what this show was in order to find this took a while

p.s to my friends in real life no i will never tell you which of them it was no matter what you say

story time with tess is over

anonymous said:

ALEXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!! I MISS YA! me and harry styles have been having a great time at collegeeeee- I havent found any grungy alternative guys yet wahhhh

TESSSSS 😩 miss u 2 hope the roommate is as weird as we promised and hope you come home to visit soon