My makeup for Le Bain party at The Standard a couple weeks ago. 

Blog post coming soon! 

Using Sugarpill Cosmetics - 

Eyes -

Tako // Afterparty // flamepoint // bulletproof // & New lashes coming soon!

Lips - 

Starling + Stella


I like them! Hair done, face done errthing did by ME! 

model: crazysporkiam

EDIT: TUMBLR took the picture down based on a request that is NOT COPYRIGHT related. >:[ I HAD THE RIGHTS to post this image. 


Amazing behind the scenes video from my latest shoot by Peter Koloff!!! 

Model: Stella Rose Saint Clair

Photographer: Betania Sikora

Stylist: Angelina Scantlebury

Hair Stylist: Angelica Vargas

Makeup & Creative Director: TE$$ MONEY