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Things in the world that remind you of the signs?

aries: blood, sports, my undying rage
taurus: food, expensive jewelry, christmas shopping fests
gemini: twins and common sense
cancer: emo bands, overlooking a lit-up city from 50 storeys up, tears, snow
leo: loud little children, pizza, the rainbow, things that sparkle, and lions
virgo: john green novels, smartassed comebacks, dubstep, starbucks, science
libra: scales, lawyers, calmness, black-and-white photography, tessellating patterns
scorpio: a dark eerie abandoned room full of spiderwebs, hard-rock music, hardcore angst, law TV
sagittarius: weed, hyperactivity, grasslands and trees and nature and shit on a sunny day, also starbucks 
capricorn: money, notebooks, suits and ties and hair gel, sass
aquarius: water, oceans, post-modern art, water, hipsters, the beach
pisces: fishes, anime, the country, video games, also oceans

Sugar Daddy AU Playlist [song links for the 8track impaired]

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1. Seb [Shark Attack. Grouplove]
2. Chris [O. Coldplay]
3. High on the Balcony Pt. 1 [Tesselate. alt-j]
4. Quick Music Lesson in the Car [Drunk in Love. Beyoncé]
5. Oh Look - More Coldplay [Ink. Coldplay]
6. Chace (We’re Good at Keeping Secrets) [Come a Little Closer. Ambassadeurs]
7. Like 3-Hour Digital Design Clusterfuck Day [Swinging From The Castles. AWOLNATION]
8. That One Frat (Kevin’s I Think? Yeah Kevin’s.) [Puke My Brains Out. Wallpaper.]
9. Broke-Ass College Kid [Brooklyn Baby. Lana Del Rey]
10. Without Getting Carded [Take Me Away. PatrickReza]
11. You’re Important [All I Want. Dawn Golden]
12. Figure It Out When We Get To It [So High. Ghost Loft]
13. Sugar Baby [Roc Me Out. Rihanna]
14. Sugar Daddy [No Diggity. Chet Faker
15. Routine [What I Like. Charli XCX]
16. High on the Balcony Pt. 2 [Hazey. Glass Animals]
17. Realize It [Dance On Our Graves. Paper Route]
18. I Miss You. I Love You. [The Wisp Sings. Winter Aid]


Same pipe, different lighting. The very first tessellation tube sherlock. Stores, collectors and even regular ass people, get at me for this lil banger! DM, Kik TripleAglass or email AAAglassworks@gmail.com. #tripleAglass #tessellation #tessellate #tessellationtubetech #triangles #phi #fibonacci #goldfume #glassofig #glassaholics #glasspipes #glassart #cutnflip

Islamic patterns. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Dado panel, first half of 15th century; Mamluk, Egypt. Polychrome marble mosaic. The patterns represent god. It is interesting the math that goes into making these patterns, it is not evenly balanced or correct although it appears to tesselate. This creates the illusion of a static pattern. Because the pattern is not perfectly balanced each artist is allowed to make up his or her solutions to the pattern. The imperfections in the math allow the viewer to be taken on a journey when viewing the wall.