Yes Blythe, is Callum Higgins, the head & body behind Baptists & Bootleggers, Sacred Tapes, River Slaughter and countless other projects. He has made a big impression at Gnod HQ with his relentless work rate , off the wall concepts and soldering skills.
Following his debut album, Keep The Faith, earlier in the year, Yes Blythe returns with Initiate Screen Prevails, a two track EP. Both tracks are an attempt to capture the raw energy of recent live outings but with a more thorough, carefully constructed approach. Building layer upon layer Travels Nerves To Freedom is an onslaught of run out grooves, twisted to their limit into a grumbling mass with subtle changes guiding it along. At Labyrinth Borne-Sun sees the return of the field recordings and subtle melodies that have defined previous work by Yes Blythe.
This really is a perfect autumn/winter release ,one for early mornings/late nights by a fire.
Following suit of the hand packaged nature of his earlier releases, Initiate Screen Prevails comes housed in a recycled card sleeve with a fabric insert.


The first Tesla Tape of 2015 and the first of a new phase of  23 Tapes in collaboration with the amazing Islington Mill based artist Rachel Goodyear..



“Ushering in the next phase musically is modular wiz Sam Weaver(Hungry Ghost, Pomegranite Circus), a man with many strings to his bow (pun intended). He has been releasing music under various guises since he was 17, recorded and engineered groups dealing in everything from Free Improv, Jazz, Latin & Cuban percussion groups and most recently recorded, played on & co-produced the Gnod album, Infinity Machines. Not workshy, Sam is on the verge of bringing his new label CUSP into being with amazing records from the like of Lu Katavist at the pressing plant as I write this.
Sam got this tape together whilst having a break in between projects. Utilizing homemade broken devices, such as Zithers , a bowed saw, tape machines & a broken drum machine to write two gorgeous and sometimes brilliantly disorientating pieces.
Essential Tesla Tape this. “