excuse my lack of activity, my infected cornea decided that it’s gonna torture me everytime i stare into something for too long, so… there is at least some messy onkel Sheo to let out my drawing frustration

(it seem sooo appropriate to post him on april fools’ day. It’s snowing! And now birds and rainbow! He would liked that)

The Nock 2 Tip Master Edition patching center
I told you so I would make some patches for it. Anyway, about this post, the archery overhaul done by foster xbl, is really a nice piece of work and makes the marksman tree definitely more interesting.

However, despite my love for the mod, there were a few things that irked me, so I went ahead and patched it up. One of the things that irked me; that you weren’t able to craft arrow heads and the other misc items you needed to craft your own fletched arrows, you were only able to either loot them from bandits or buy them. Now, I understand this logic if you really wanted to avoid the smithing tree COMPLETELY, however, what about the ones who do like to smith items? And even beside that—- whats the point on being able to craft your own arrows and bow (with the fletcher bench), but you’re aren’t able to create the simple component for it?

I’m the goddamn dovahkiin, if I can craft a daedric warhammer, or make a simple fletched arrow, then so can I craft a simple fucking arrow head, or collect a bunch of feathers. ANYWHORE, let’s get down to the details about each available patch so far.


With this patch, you are now able to craft the arrow heads at any smithing forge. If you wish to craft, lets say, elven arrow heads, you need a refined moonstone ingot and the elven smithing perk, and so on. At first, I wanted to set it up so that you need to craft it at the fletcher, but that didn’t really made sense, since arrow heads needs to be shaped and crafted from certain materials, which did not match up on the new crafting benches, so smithing forge it is.

And now you can also create the sack of feathers at the fletcher bench. All you need is a couple of, well obviously, feathers.

With the next update, I will also include the nocks and the arrow heads for the dragonborn DLC, plus different quiver meshes for the crafted arrows.

Nock to Tip Master Edition An Archery Overhaul

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Fletcher work benches patches
I personally think that there should be more fletcher crafting stations spread out in the game. And wouldn’t it be also nice to have it at your home that isn’t vanilla. Below here you will be able to find the available location patches. I will also accept any request to create patches for any house mod. Unless if there are hosted on steam. Sorry.


Next to the crafting area, you won’t miss it, trust me.

Nock to Tip Master Edition An Archery Overhaul
Elisdriel - Bosmer inspired tree house

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eyeofsithis asked:

If pressed, which side would Bron say he'd support in the Civil War?

Bron is a man who isn’t willing to fight for (let alone die for) anything, and thus he has little to no understanding for anyone who is. Generally speaking he thinks everyone in the military is a more or less dumbass, regardless of the side. The Empire, to him, is just something bitter old men reminisce wistfully, a memory of “good old days”, bearing little resemblance to the post-war ruin where he grew up. So good riddance to them - no way he’d don a uniform and march to some pompous Legate’s tune for that broken thing. Stormcloaks he sees as a joke - a bunch of fanatics fighting windmills and actually thinking it will make things better. He sure mocks Skaila relentlessly for her conviction.

That said, it’s not like he has any better ideas as to how to run things. Bron is just the type of guy who sits on the sidelines, never risking his own neck, but sneering and sarcastically clapping at everyone else who does. If he really had to say which side he prefers, I think he’d find the Imperial Legion slightly less annoying. But only slightly. As far as Bron is concerned the Civil War can rage on as long as it pleases - chaos is good for his line of work anyway.

the provinces of tamriel simplified
  • cyrodiil:humans everywhere
  • hammerfell:giant sand pit
  • high rock:more humans but small and french
  • skyrim:ice hell with very angry humans
  • morrowind:bug and dinosaur hell with a side of ash
  • black marsh:lizard land
  • elsweyr:furries
  • valenwood:scary little cannibal elves that will murder you for touching a flower
  • summerset isle:big elves who will step on you