As time allowed more and more patterns to individualize, Lorkhan watched the Aurbis shape itself and grew equally delighted and tired with each new shaping. As the gods and demons of the Aurbis erupted, the get of Padhome tried to leave it all behind for he wanted all of it and none of it all at once. It was then that he came to the border of the Aurbis.

He saw the Tower, for a circle turned sideways is an “I”. This was the first word of Lorkhan and he would never, ever forget it.



それと、今使っているENBをDark Souls 2のプリセットと合わせてファンタジー<リアルな映りになる様に設定しました。体感的には更に暗くなった感じがしますが、光と影や発色が強く出るようになったので暫くこれで様子見。昼間になったらどう映るのかでまた考えていこうと思います。

Retextured some parts of the armor. The pauldrons has been completely repainted, which was fun to do. The top has only be tweaked and edited, along with the pants (which is basically repainted), and edited the colors and some part of the texture of the jacket.

I also fixed and made inventory models, so basically the 100 weight is done. I’m gonna release it tomorrow as beta once I get back from work.

… Got morning shift, have to get out at 4:30 and be there at 5:45.




Having defeating the reanimated Imperial commander in Fort Frostmoth, Zephyr and I proceeded towards a grouping of abnormally large mushrooms she spotted near the coast. We now know this place is called Tel Mithryn, and it’s the home of a Telvanni Wizard named Neloth. He agreed to let us take shelter in his home for the night. 

Still no sign of the cultists, but we have found strange obelisks with workers adding to them.They don’t appear to react or listen to anything I say, as if they were in a trance. 

Tomorrow we’re returning to Raven Rock to repair gear and rest up some more. 

Also, I know what a netch looks like now. 

   don’t listen to your    friends
see the   despair behind their eyes
   don’t listen to your    friends
they only   care   once in a while

   just listen to your    friends
trust that they're   fair, look in their eyes
   just listen to your    friends
they only   care   and hope you're alright

Thief In The Bazaar
  • Thief In The Bazaar
  • Magnus
  • MGMW

First time doing programmatic music. Just some background battle music for Morrowind, inspired by the Dunmer culture (Whose creation was heavily influenced by East Indian history and culture). Wanted to keep it with the theme of the game though, so you can hear the melody of the main theme in there too. 

I almost used a sitar for this one, but it didn’t really fit the quick, urgent feeling I was going for. I’ll definitely do something with sitar in it later though because it’s a fantastic instrument. 

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