Noctis looks better than all of them.
Though if you are going to include villains then I’m surprised Caius, from Final Fantasy XIII-2 isn’t on this picture. [hides behind the corner] I love his voice, and I feel like he’d look so much better in black than in purple. Just my opinion…

But what do you guys think?


Barret was a lot of fun, I had to do Tifa. It was a personal hurdle for me, especially dealing with female characters but I’m pretty happy with the outcome! Unfortunately, the Brainstorm challenge on FB has already ended. If time permits, I might do more, but real work comes first though!

You can view Barret here: http://freakyfir.tumblr.com/post/111787599117/barret-wallace-final-fantasy-7-brainstorm-challenge


Gold Saucer update (Patch 2.51) is next week (24th February)

Original Info : dengekionline.

Square Enix, MMORPG in management: in “Final Fantasy XIV Shinsei Eoruzea”, to deliver the latest update “patch 2.51” to February 24. I will tell because the information of the content of interest “Mandavu~iru Gold Saucer”, which is implemented in that patch 2.51 has arrived.

 "Mandavu~iru Gold Saucer" is, like Chocobo race and triple triad, in addition to have recorded a mini-game content that appeared in the past of “FF” series, entertainment content that play also “Shinsei FFXIV” unique game.

▲ Gold Saucer image Art

 In the Gold Saucer utilizes a special currency (Manda Ville Gold points), it is possible to exchange various items and mounted to the equipment through various games. So what kind of game is whether the play in Gold Saucer, Let’s briefly look at.

▲ of Gold Saucer map

■ Chocobo race

 Gold Saucer in to say that most of the content of interest is this “chocobo race”. Himself rode to race dedicated chocobo, and each other compete with the goal at the top.

 Chocobo in Chocobo race, to foster a different race dedicated Chocobo and buddy Chocobo. Chocobo grown to the limit becomes retired, then it can be born a new Chocobo by coupling with another chocobo. Because some genetic, such as the ability, it’s possible to grow your own chocobo.

■ Triple Triad

 Five triple triad you are utilizing the card unfolds the brain against the opponent. Other matchup with the NPC in the Gold Saucer, I make also play with the players. Triple Triad cards are prepared approximately 80 sheets initially mounting, can be obtained with such play and battle content of the NPC are to be in the streets. The number of cards that can be used in triple triad is that gradually increasing.

▲ deck made up of folks of Akatsuki clan. Have high numbers each are drawn, but seems to be fairly strong deck …….

▲ what kind of card is available, I’ll wait the implementation.

■ GATE (Gold Saucer Active Time Event)

 FATE that occur on the field (Full Active Time Event) Gold Saucer version and will become of the GATE of. GATE occurs when it comes to a specific time in various places in the hotel.

● storm! Snort Hunger

▲ in the employees who work in the Gold Saucer is that there also Yoi that has been summoned by the term experiment. Is it a winner that stood until the end on top of the stage to avoid the “snort” of its employees.

● Special Training! Dance master

▲ to Gold Saucer is also present young dancers, which aims to Urudaha society debut. And mixed with the dancers, let’s clear the challenge from the dance master.

● rescue! Minion rescue

▲ the Jabot tender and mount Correll one of the play on the stage GATE. A breakout habit Hinachokobo is will climb to the top, I became not be down.

● Gekiso! Raptor transportation

▲ leading delicate vases of Raptor transportation is a load strokes unions carry. But …… will be sniffed the bandits with them a grudge. Let Deliver the important luggage by circumvent the thieves eyes.

● follow-up! Skin changer

▲ mischievous Imp is sneaked into the hotel! Despite summoned Yoi hunter in order to eliminate the Imp, Imp is had fled garbled on Hunter. Which real thing?

■ a number of mini-games

 Various mini-games are installed on site. Just in Feel free to enjoy what you would playing carelessly while simple. Also it’s possible acquisition of Manda Ville Gold point in this mini-game.

▲ monster toss

▲ Crystal Tower striker

▲ cuff A Car

▲ Mowgli catcher

■ lottery Tender

 Lottery tender that had been done in the real events such as the Tokyo Game Show appeared in Gold Saucer! In the gold saucer can be challenge to two kinds of feel free to make “mini-lottery tender” and can large game “Jumbo lottery tender”.

▲ mini lottery tender and jumbo lottery tender. Details will enjoy at the time of implementation?

■ Introducing some of the items for me to accumulate the MGP

 When earn Manda Ville Gold point, it can be replaced with a variety of items.Here I want to introduce a part of.

● Adamantasu (mount)

▲ Near East of Sabenea Shimabara production of huge RikuHisashi-Adamantasu. As effective utilization measures Adamantasu you’ve been wild, as a result of research is advanced in Urudaha, and success in training. For very strong, it is expected as a new transportation land trade.

● Fenrir (mount)

▲ once ancient beast, horehound that was reigning in Eoruzea.While there have been believed to be already extinct, in recent years, has led to be re-discovered in deep in the Abarashia Mountains. From the heroic figure, it is called in the name of the legendary moon wolf “Fenrir”.

● gambler series (equipped)

▲ former is reminiscent of the “flying those who engage in the gambling field”, gorgeous armor set. When wearing the to feel to become a little stronger game, I wonder because of the gas.

● Bunny series (equipped)

▲ Gold cut - become the employees of the saucer, armor set of women-only. Daring fishnet stockings and chic shirt, in addition definitely cute rabbit ears would be in festive atmosphere of the place.