I think it’s really easy to forget that Tidus is only 17. 17! I’m 19 and I can’t even deal with my own shit, I can’t imagine how it is to have your arrogant, alcoholic father ditch you and having your one-sided mother die at age 7. On top of it all? He turned into a blitzball star during this time of sorrow. AND as if that’s not enough, he got Dorothied into the Land of Spira where he knows jack shit yet maintains his hyper, enthusiastic (albeit slightly childish at times) attitude throughout the game. He can afford to cry a little, don’t you think? #finalfantasy#finalfantasyx#ffx

Sometimes I record covers of songs I love and here is a recent one I made for a song by Owen Pallett called ‘The Passions’. It is off his new album ‘In Conflict’. I’ve followed his work for a while now - he used to go by the name Final Fantasy- and felt a connection with this song the first time I heard it… suddenly had the urge to reinterpret the song in a new way - playing with Owen’s string arrangement as a map for different vocal ideas so I locked myself away for a few hours to see what happened.

This came out of my little basement setup one afternoon, just using voices and some guitars. It’s very raw but I figured someone might enjoy discovering this down at The Catacombs. Make sure to listen in headphones :)

And here is the haunting original by the amazing Owen Pallett.

Enjoy x

Cloud Strife.

Photo by Shutterpunk @ PAXAus Sunday 2014

Gaaaah after years of procrastinating I finally completed this cos!! Lot of glue in that wig…but i’m glad because it didn’t move anywhere!

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