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1) If you don’t like Tony, Kerry, or the idea of “Terry”, don’t watch this video. Save yourself the misery. 

2) I made this video so that the whole fandom can view something this week that will hopefully bring a smile to your face. I know it brought one to mine. 

3) I am in NO way an expert of making videos. I haven’t taken any classes, read any books, or purchased any special software. This is purely for entertainment and I hope those who choose to view it, enjoy it. 

4) You can share this video amongst friends but I really do not want it tweeted directly to Tony or Kerry because…well duh…

5) And finally, I did not know mistressoftheblack too well but I did enjoy what was she posted. Her commentary was refreshing, hilarious, and always made me smile. RIP, my friend, this is dedicated to you.