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Yesterday we had a nightmare called Israeli-bombing-is-back-again. 10 aggressive Israeli airstrikes hit several areas of besieged Gaza strip just during dawn, for a minute we thought that’s it, we’re back to war again as we still remember how did the previous war start. I hope there will be no wars soon, we had enough already.
However, we’re in a ceasefire now aren’t we?! Who’s breaking it now?!
Let’s wait for the Israelis bullshit and see how they’ll justify their crimes.
Btw, did the Western media mention this recent assault? I’m sure they did not. They are Israel allies, they can’t say anything against it.
Turning a blind eye to Gaza is not surprising by such a media.

ohirime asked:

Do you still take one-word prompts? ((I'm veryyyy sorry if you don't! Just ignore me in that case v.v)) What about this; terror


Hinata didn’t want to let go, her hands were gripped so tightly into his cloak that her knuckles went white. “Don’t get killed, okay?” 

He looked down at her with that stupid grin that was out of place in this moment. “I won’t. I’m the Hokage, y’know.” 

Dark brows furrowed as if in pain from his words. “I hate when you say that.” Her hands came up to his face, palms covering his cheeks. “Just because you’re the Hokage doesn’t mean you’re invincible Naruto. There’s a terror out there that none of us understand, so please, don’t be so nonchalant about this.” Her eyes sparkled with fresh tears that threatened to fall. 

Naruto went quiet, his eyes going serious while looking into hers. After a moment his hands came up to hers, taking them from his face and holding them at his waist. “Hinata, I’m sorry.” He squeezed her hands. “I promise you I’ll come back, and I’ll be fine.”

Looking away she mumbled, “you say that every time.” 

Letting one of her hands drop now, he took her chin between his thumb and forefinger, forcing her to look at him. “Hinata, I promise.” He was searching her eyes now, waiting for any kind of response.

She sighed, content with his words. “Okay. Promise to come straight home after, okay?” 

He leaned forward, kissing the side of her mouth. “I’ll be home before dinner.”

“You better.” Her cheeks flushed pink as he let her go and turned away from her to go towards the terror the outside world possessed. But with his promise locked away in her heart she wasn’t worried, he’d come back fine, like always. Yet still, she couldn’t help but worry over it. 

“Be safe,” she said clutching at her chest as he disappeared down the road, taking their promise with him.


A/N: I will always take one word prompts since I love them so much! So send them whenever you like, deary.