You Know How James Foley Died. This Is How He Lived.

When we think of James Wright Foley now, one image is seared into our collective memory: a screenshot from a video, a prisoner on the verge of death. It’s a horrifying picture, the final scene in Foley’s tragic journey from documenting war to becoming its victim. So take a look at Foley’s life from childhood to his time reporting in the Middle East here. 

The Foley family requests that any donations be made to The James Foley Scholarship.


Ejected from the world, we were on the edge of an unbelievably thin needle.
Catching my balance, my fingertips touched you, and I learned that I wasn’t alone.
Bestowed upon us was only a single crooked wing

"Ejected from the world"

-This obviously pertains to how Nine and Twelve were ejected by the society. Until now, it has not been fully revealed just what on earth is Rising Peace Academy as an institution apart from the fact that it conducts research on humans. My friend nobu-shi has posited that they may be working on human intelligence. Just note the intellectual superiority of Nine, Twelve, and Five. Because of this intelligence, they have been deemed as different. All of them, especially Nine and Twelve, have chosen to distance themselves physically and emotionally from society because of this difference.

-While deviance and superiority (particularly on the intellectual aspect) have been qualities wanted by humans, the series actually shows just how it has paved a tragic path for our two protagonists. In Nine’s flashbacks, note how the woman shoves the fact that they were mere instruments who do not need any attachment to society, they do not even deserve names—one of the most salient attributes of a human. They were reduced to the cold identity of a “number”.

This verse also implies their struggle to live within a society where they feel that they do not belong. The usage of “needles" and "single crooked wing" as metaphors indicate just how fragile their lives are. By being terrorists, they knew that they could die at any moment. One single miscalculation would make them get pierced by the needle. Still, there is hope. It may be crooked but they were still given a single wing—they could still live. They are not alone. So who is the source of this hope?

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  • Yuuki Ozaki (from Galileo Galilei)
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Springing out from the world, atop an absurdly thin needle
Trying to find your balance at my fingertips, you touched me and I knew that I wasn’t alone.
With just the single bent wing we were given.

What do you want to do from when we are born until we die (until we die)? I asked.
With that smile, you looked just like an angel

In the heat of the summer, we escaped between the groups of (straining) burning buildings
We are falling, and in the end, we will pull the trigger.

After that, the winter will come. Snow will cover everything.

We may not be rewarded, but if we lose, we won’t gain anything
However, the place at the very end exists like us.
We cannot remain here, so we’ll attack.

What can we do from when we are born until we die (until we die)? I asked
Unable to answer me, you just smiled

At the end of the dream (at the very end) like flaming butterflies
A radiance that lasts mere moments will steal away the gloomy eyes of the world
We will steal them all away.

It seems I’ll live with you from when we are born until we die (until we die).
It seems like an indescribable myth
Summer in and summer out (tied together) we escaped into history and the spiraling crevices
We will fall into Hell, and in the end, we’ll pull the trigger
And with that, we’ll become dust

After that, the winter will come. Snow will cover everything.
After that, the winter will come. The snow will tell all.

sekai kara hajiki-dasarete tohou mo naku hosoi hari no ue ni ita
baransu wo toru yubi no saki ga kimi ni furete hitori janai to wakatta
bokura ni tada hitotsu ataerareteta yuganda hane de

umarete kara (shinu made) shinu made ni nani wo shitai? tte kiku
kimi wa maru de tenshi mitai ni sa warau kara
natsu no netsu ni (yugande) moeru biru no mure no sukima wo nuke
bokura wa ochiteku saigo ni hikigane wo hiite-yarou

sono ato wa fuyu ga kite yuki ga subete wo oou

mukuwarenai kamo shirenai ushinaeba urareru to mo omowanai
sore demo saihate no basho wa bokura ni mo hitoshiku sonzai-shiteru
koko ni itsudzukeru koto wa dekinai dakara semete

umarete kara (shinu made) shinu made nani ga dekiru? tte kiku
boku ni ima wa nanimo kotaezu ni warau dake
yume no owari (saigo ni) hi no tsuita chou no you ni
hitotoki dake kagayaki sekai wo kumotta me wo ubau
zenbu ubaou

umarete kara (shinu made) shinu made kimi to ikite mitai yo
sore wa maru de shinwa mitai ni wa egakarenai
natsu to natsu wo (tsunaide) rekishi to rasen no sukima wo nuke
jigoku e ochiteku saigo ni hikigane wo hiite-yarou
sore de bokura mo chiri ni naru

sono ato wa fuyu ga kite yuki ga subete wo oou
sore kara mo fuyu ga kite yuki ga subete wo kataru