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Wickham weighs in on America harboring alleged terrorists

“Finally, Cuba is no longer on America’s list of state sponsors of terrorism, which in the case of our Caribbean Island neighbor has long been a badly tarnished label. … In truth, the sponsors of terrorism list maintained by the U.S. State Department always seemed to have been an instrument of American foreign policy — and domestic politics — more than an unbiased effort to punish all countries that support terrorism in one way or another.”

Dewayne Wickam on Cuba and the United States’ bad blood: http://usat.ly/1I2OXOF.

Every 20 minutes ISIS rapes a new girl

some as young as 8-9. they are raped, passed around to other isis criminals, raped again then finally killed. 

so after you reblogged a bunch of things on tumblr, remember that in that time another little girl was raped or killed by ISIS.  


NSW Police Force

“There is a police operation underway at Martin Place. Police and emergency services have responded and a number of streets around the area have been closed. The Martin Place train station is also shut.

Police are dealing with an armed incident and specialist officers are attempting to make contact those inside a café.

Some nearby offices have been evacuated as a precaution. Anyone else in the area encompassing Hunter, George, Elizabeth and Macquarie streets bordering Martin Place is directed to remain indoors and away from open windows. Anyone in the vicinity but outside that area is free to leave their buildings.

Police urge members of the public to remain calm and note that an appropriate police presence is in place.
Police urge the media to be responsible in their reporting. Speculation can cause unnecessary alarm. We will attempt to keep you updated and Police will release more information when it has been confirmed.”

I'm heartbroken.

This won’t get worldwide coverage, because it’s not Sydney, it’s not the U.S. It’s a third world country.

Over a hundred and forty little children were dressed by their mothers who made their lunch for them and fixed their hair to send them to school.

These children never came back.

They were shot one by one by people with no heart, no conscience; terrorists.

And there are still mothers out there looking for their children who won’t ever be found. There are fathers who are in the battlefield who will come home to find out the murder of their child. There are mothers sleeping with their child’s bloody shoe, because that’s all they have left.

Over a hundred children were killed. Over a hundred children who could’ve had a future. Over a hundred kids who were going to become doctors, engineers, writers, poets, teachers. Over a hundred kids, out of which any could’ve been the one to cure cancer, to end poverty, to change the world. You killed over a hundred kids, but over a hundred families as well. And I hope you know that the God you did this for will burn you in hell. And these kids will watch gleefully, and they will show no mercy, because neither did you. I hope you remember that.


I am a Pakistani Muslim.

One of the many things that angers me on this site is how terrorists are referred to as ‘Muslims’.

They DO NOT follow the Holy Qur’an.
They DO NOT believe in equality for human beings 
They DO NOT believe in peace (obviously)
They pay no heed to the Prophet (PBUH)’s ‘hadith’ and,
They make up LESS THAN TWO PERCENT of Muslims.

The first four points i have mentioned are part of the fundamental belief in islam. A person is not a muslim if they do not hold these beliefs. Islam is a peaceful religion, and many people confuse terrorism with jihad.

What happened to the school kids in peshawar was terrorism.
The bombing of the twin towers was terrorism.
The plane crash into the World Trade Centre was terrorism. 
Suicide bombings are terrorism. (Suicide is forbidden in islam. A person is sent straight to hell if he/she does this) 
Killing innocent people because of their country or religion in terrorism.

Jihad literally means ‘struggle’. The only time war is allowed in Islam is when Muslims are being oppressed.
The arabic word for war is ‘al-harb’, not jihad. The Prophet (PBUH) said: ‘The greatest jihad is speaking the truth in front of a tyrant’. 
Even in instances of military jihad, women, the elderly, and children are instructed to be kept safe. What those bastard terrorists did in the Peshawar school attack, and many others clearly defies this. JIHAD IS NOT A DECLARE OF WAR ON OTHER RELIGIONS.

I have tried to keep this as short as possible, but to conclude;

The population of Muslims in this world is 1.6 billion. If every muslim was a terrorist, most non-Muslims would be dead.

Terrorists not only kill non muslims, but also muslims.

Terrorism has no religion.

An Egyptian police officer died trying to disarm a bomb at a gas station in Cairo, this Tuesday. The moment when the agent is hit by the explosion was recorded by a photographer of the local newspaper ’ al - youm al - saabi ’.

According to the Egyptian police, the bomb was hidden in a vase, and the explosion happened near a police station in Al - Harram’s busy avenue that gives access to the pyramids. The agency AFP claims that the jihadist group Ajnad Misr took over in their profile on twitter the responsibility for the attack