tonight I was watching news about the planet crash in the alps and

Me: he’s a terrorist

Parents: no he’s not, he had mental problems and wasn’t Muslim

Me: Muslims aren’t the only ones that can be terrorist

Parents: he had mental problems honey

Parents: why could he hang glide there and kill himself?

Me: because he’s a terrorist

Parents: White people can’t be terrorist

I had to physically get up and leave of how close-minded and horrible they were being.

These are two of the three teens that stood up to Anders Brevik. The third gave his life. They went on to save 23 people that day. Few news outlets reported it. The three teens were Muslims.

Anders Breivik, a Norwegian radical Right-wing Christian. killed 77 people and wounded 319. Most of his victims were Christians from the political left. Many of them were teenagers.

The only people who stood up to him were 3 Muslim teenagers who began throwing stones at him. One hit Breivik hard in the head and he finally shot and killed one of the three. The other two, Movsar Zyamaev and Rustam Daudov, fled and went on to save 23 people during the massacre. [1] When Movsar called his father from his cell phone, his father urged him to be brave, stay and to try and save as many people as he could.

Anders Breivik turned himself in and eventually pleaded insanity but was convicted on terrorism charges and sentenced to 21 years in prison (though there are appeals to keep him in prison for life). Even though he was convicted for terrorism, he is mostly referred to in the media as a “Mass Killer” or “Mass Murderer”. He is almost never referred to as a “terrorist”.

In memory of the unnamed Muslim teen who lost his life defending others.