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What Explains the Power of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Middle Finger? – Glenn Greenwald

Apr. 23 2015

The penalty phase of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s trial began Tuesday in a federal courtroom in Boston. Already convicted of 30 felony counts relating to the 2013 bombing of the Boston Marathon, an attack that killed 3 people and maimed dozens more, the 21-year-old will now have the jury effectively decide whether he should spend the rest of his life in a maximum security prison without the possibility of parole, or be executed. Federal prosecutors are vehemently arguing for the death penalty.

Paying even casual attention to media coverage of yesterday’s proceedings was surreal. What dominated headlines and journalists’ commentary was the above still photograph of Tsarnaev, taken by prison authorities in July 2013 (roughly three months after the bombing), as he waited alone for hours in a holding cell.

The photo captured the then-teenager extending his middle finger up — flipping the proverbial bird — to the surveillance camera in his cell. The graininess of the photo, and the proximity of his face to the lens, created an image at once menacing and dehumanizing: this encaged, orange jumpsuit-clad monster was in your face, full of unbridled rage and hatred directed right at you. The photo was used to show that, even three months after committing such an atrocity, he lacked any remorse or other redemptive human emotions.


The Murdochian id of American journalism, the New York Post, asked: “Could a photo of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev giving the finger ensure his death penalty?” The reporter for Fox’s Boston station, Catherine Parrotta, observed that “a collective gasp was heard in the overflow courtroom as the photo of Tsarnaev giving the camera the middle finger was shown.”

It was, explicitly, the prosecutors’ intent to provoke exactly this reaction: this one photo, standing alone, was designed to produce a visceral, bottomless contempt for Tsarnaev which even disgust at his actual crime could not achieve. The expectation was that it would irreversibly establish the jury and public’s view of him as not just evil but sub-human, deserving of state-imposed death.”This is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: unconcerned, unrepentant and unchanged,” said the federal prosecutor as she touted the photo. “Without remorse, he remains untouched by the grief and the loss that he caused.”

It worked. All over the TV airways and the Internet, all sorts of people cited the photo to argue that he should be killed.

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Aurélie Chatelain, the French woman (32 years old) who was murdered by the Algerian jihadist Sid Ahmed Ghlam in Villejuif on the outskirts of Paris, last Sunday,19/04/15. Ghlam wanted to steal her car and drive on to at least one church where he intended to murder the attendees of a Sunday service.

Apparently A. Chatelain resisted and was shot through the heart during the scuffle that followed. She died almost instantly, yet somehow her assailant was wounded too. Maybe he shot himself, perhaps she wounded him, it remains unclear. Ghlam, bleeding from one of his thighs, decided to call off his terror attack and called an ambulance, eventually leading to his arrest.

A vigil was held today at my university for the Garissa victims in Kenya. 148 candles were lit, one for every victim.. Victims that were students with dreams and aspirations just like us. I’m incredibly proud of those who showed up, taking time out of exam revision, to show their solidarity, humanity and respect; to show that we haven’t forgotten about them. Terrorism shouldn’t be tolerated in any part of the world; whether in Europe or elsewhere, so it’s important that we not only appreciate how privileged we are but also that we do not accept it or deem it ‘normal’ just because it’s in a country like Kenya. May all the victims rest in peace. ❤️

​BC Terror Trial Reveals Gong Show RCMP Investigation

When the RCMP busted two people for attempting to bomb the BC legislature on Canada Day in 2013, few questioned the millions in police resources spent intercepting the terrorist plot.

And when Crown prosecutors first laid out their case against John Nuttall and Amanda Korody at trial beginning February 2, 2015, the alleged Boston bombing copycats still seemed genuinely scary.

But nearly three months into the terrorism trial, about 90 hours of covert police recordings have revealed two sides of the RCMP sting. On one hand you have gotcha footage of a dude assembling what he thinks is a pressure cooker bomb with intent to die a martyr for jihad. On the other hand, the alleged two-person terrorist cell was exceedingly poor, sick, self-medicating, and irrational during their months-long interaction with law enforcement.

The 240-officer investigation contemplated whether Nuttall was “developmentally delayed” or not months before he and his common law spouse were arrested on four terrorism charges. The impoverished Surrey couple’s Rambo-inspired plans varied wildly from minute to minute as police provided groceries, bus tickets, many hotel rooms, clothes, cigarettes, and eventually the inert “C-4” explosives used inside the fake bombs. Both accused were on methadone and welfare at the time.

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Janet Akinyi’s final Message to her boyfriend

‘’Hey Babe, We have reached, Nancy’s Cube, they shot everyone. Pray for us. They are coming here. We are next. What is going on there? There is no one here, please tell them they are killing us. Tell them to help us. Babe in case we never see each other again, just know that I love you and I will always love you. Hey babe bye, and pray for us. I am with Milly as well. May God help us”

#GarissaAttack #147NotJustANumber

People have avoided applying the “terrorist” label to Lubitz, largely out of uncertainty, which is fair. We don’t know if it’s true. But history suggests that, were he a killer of any other shade, we’d be far less generous with our reservations. White killers get the benefit of humanization. We explain their existence through their broken dreams, their struggles and their afflictions. It’s part of why Muslim killers are consistently presented to us in mug shots, or why black victims — like Michael Brown, who never killed anyone at all — are presented as scowling, threatening “thugs.”

Meanwhile, one of the most widely circulated photos of Lubitz has him smiling peacefully in front of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge as the sun sets in the background.

sometimes i feel there’s a tendency to forget that Christianity is a religion that was born in the Middle East…not a religion founded by Europe. Many people in the MENA were Christian when Europe was still worshipping its pagan gods and polytheistic pantheons. yes, it is important to wrestle with how Europeans, after they converted to Christianity due to Roman imperialism, used it themselves as a tool for their own imperialism. but conflating the history of Christianity with whiteness comes off to me as actually a reproduction of white supremacy itself. like we’re attributing things to Europeans/whiteness again, and forgetting its Middle-Eastern roots. Eurocentric history, no?

this is actively harmful when it leads to the notion that Christians everywhere = privileged. they are not- MENA Christians are facing genocidal violence at the hands of ISIS right now, for instance. these people are not white or Westerners who can escape from this via Western privilege. If we go further back in time, the Ottoman Empire’s genocide was targeted at Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks, who were Christian minorities in what’s now modern Turkey. 

There has been an attack on a university in Garissa, Kenya today carried out by Al-Shabaab, at least 17 people are confirmed dead although the actual death toll is thought to be higher, and so far 65 have been hospitalised. There is currently a hostage situation going on as the militants standoff with the Kenyan army and police. Please keep them in your prayers.

Update: The death toll has risen to 70 with at least 79 injured as the siege still continues, making this the most deadly terror attack in Kenya since the 1998 US Embassy bombings

Second Update: The siege has ended, the police and army are now clearing the hostels and checking for explosives, the final death toll is 147 and 4 gunmen have been killed.

what you say “white people say that only POC can be terrorists!”

What I hear: ”I know absolutely nothing about terrorism or European History. My source of information for everything is either buzzfeed or the CNN. I’ve never heard of IRA, ETA, Resistência Galega or Red army terrorist groups. I don’t even know where the Basque country is in an map.”

not a suicide, not a terrorist

ok let’s just make one thing clear. if everything we’ve heard so far holds true and the co-pilot deliberately drove down the plane with 150 people on board – that’s not committing suicide, that’s being a sociopathic MASS MURDERER. it took approximately 10 minutes for the plane to go down, if he wanted to do it quickly and spare as much as suffering as possible (if we can even use a phrase like that in this context) he could have. but he didn’t. can you imagine the sheer terror those people must have felt? school kids were on board. babies, too. it’s an act of such unspeakable evil i’m honestly finding it hard to get my head around it.

he was also not a terrorist as there does not appear to be any religious, political or ideological motivation behind what he did, and i think the german authorities would have informed the public by now if there was any suspicion of terrorist affiliations. so don’t use such a horrible, unforgivable tragedy to make some lame-ass fucking point about how the media portrays all muslims as terrorists, but never white people. there is a time and place for everything, and yes, that’s highly problematic – but honestly, it’s so fucking gross to use the completely unnecessary suffering and death of 150 people to make a political point. have some respect and compassion for the victims and their families and don’t derail their suffering to such a callous, cynical end. please.

hopefully this will put things to rest. i am tired of people appropriating tragedies to make a cheap point without caring if they’ve completely distorted the point re: Germanwings.

1. ordinary homicide and terrorism are two different criminal charges because the key elements necessary to satisfy them are different. some killings are terrorist acts, but not all terrorist acts are killings:

  • the prosecutor is trained in criminal law. he’s not going to bloody label someone a ‘terrorist’ if French law considers this (mass) homicide rather than terrorism due to the absence of any extremist links or ideological motivations.

  • the french prosecutor said it’s voluntary manslaughter. that means intentional killing. the prosecutor has more or less called the co-pilot a mass murderer. and just because he doesn’t call him a ‘terrorist’ you think it’s ‘being easy on him because he’s a white, non-Muslim German man’. don’t make me laugh. it makes no damned sense to call this terrorism unless evidence turns up he did this for political/ideological reasons. it says it all about the US’ fixation on ‘terrorism’ that some americans think not calling the pilot a ‘terrorist’ is letting him off easy, is not good enough for you.

2. yes europe has a hugeass problem with islamophobia, but our media has certainly been willing to use the term ‘terrorism’ for non-Muslims carrying out acts of violence in pursuit of any political ideology. You want to talk about Islamophobia? There are plenty of much more relevant and accurate examples to use instead of having to distort the prosecutor’s failure to use the word ‘terrorism’ as ‘evidence’ of islamophobia when this is consistent with the law. Just because your media doesn’t call right-wing terrorists by their rightful name doesn’t mean ours don’t. It’s not that Europe is oh-so-great. No, there are a shitload of problems here, but precisely because we have had a lot of other forms of terrorism besides Islamic extremism (i.e from political separatists, far right nationalists) our understanding of the word terrorism definitely does include anybody who commits any violence for any ideology. 

3. the co-pilot is not being called a terrorist for the simple fact that in absence of evidence demonstrating ideological and political aims, French law- and the laws of most countries I imagine- regard his actions as homicide. It sadly just happens to be a mass murder of 149 other people. So please stop this outrage about ‘wHY ISN’T HE CALLED A TERRORIST1!!!” I find it disturbing that some posts centre all on the co-pilot not being called a terrorist, as if it wouldn’t be bad enough to learn that a suicidal pilot decided to kill 149 other people along with him for absolutely no reason at all. 149 senseless deaths. centre on the victims and their families instead.

if he needs to be called a ‘terrorist’ for it to seem bad enough, your priorities are all wrong (plus you’ve muddled criminal law).

A List of Names of the Victims Killed on the Attack at Garissa University College

Abdulrazak Muhammed a night guard

 Alex Omorwa Mogaka engineering student 

Angela ‘Ka/Jojo’ Kimata Githakwa from Nyahururu (formally at Karima Girls)

 Ayub Njau Kimotho 21 yrs old, second year Business Administration student 

Branton Wakhungu student Cpl. Kipkemboi Police Officer (Recce Squad) 

Doreen 'Specialrose’ Gakii student 

Eliud Wafula student 

Elizabeth Kerubo Nyangarora Student

 Elizabeth Nafula 20 

Elizabeth Namarome Musinai student 

Eric Ondari Nyabuto student 

Dadly Mose student, hails from Nyamira 

Faith Kendi student 

Gideon Bryson Mwakuleghwa 21, student 

Yvonne Makori 

Veronica * 

Tracy Angela 

Tony Wangu

 Tobias  Anyango 

Susan Othwilla 

Solomon Oludo

Selpher Solo Wanda

 Peter Maside Nyangure Administration Police Officer 

Oliver Maina 

Job Njue 

Maria Muchiri Miss Garissa University

 Jane Akinyi 

Jeff Macharia 

Ivy Kihia

 Isaac Pop Bushen (Isaac Kosgey) 

Hellen * 

Gideon Bryson Mwakuleghwa 

Faith Kendi 

Eric Ondari Nyabuto 

Mwende * 

Mukhwana Abel 

Mildred Yondo 


Mary Muchiri 

Shee Lydiah 

Melody Obondi

 Laban Kumba Daniel

 Ken Glenson

Echessa Joy Chepkorir 

Josephine Nyaboke 

John Mwangi Maina

 Ruth Esiromo Nakhanu 

Risper Maggie 

Priscilla Kathure Akwalu 

Dan Mwiti student

 Peter Yule

 Veronica Syokau


We speak your names #147NotJustANumber

White people can’t be terrorists.

We’ve been told this for years. Not directly, perhaps, but when a white person bombs a church or massacres a school or flies a plane carrying 150 people into a mountainside, killing everyone on board, it’s hard to draw any other conclusion. Disturbed? Yes. Mentally ill? Probably. A troubled outcast? Of course. But “terrorist”? That term is reserved for a special type of person, someone with brown skin, a foreign-sounding name, roots in the Middle East or North Africa and a progressively anti-Western Internet history — probably typed in Arabic.

Terrorists, we’re told, are Muslim. And if anything happens to disrupt that notion, we have a really hard time explaining it.

Details are still emerging in the case of Andreas Lubitz, the 28-year-old Germanwings co-pilot who allegedly locked his captain out of the cockpit and ran Flight 9525 into the French Alps on Tuesday. We don’t know his motive. We know very little about him at all. Yet the media coverage and testimony around his actions suggest something remarkable: a clear, almost desperate effort to avoid calling Lubitz what, for a Muslim in his position, would likely be a foregone conclusion.

CNN guest destroys cop defender after SC shooting: You only ‘fess up at this point because there’s video’

Apr. 8 2015

Defense attorney Mark Geragos on Tuesday argued over the objections of retired NYPD Detective Harry Houck that the shooting of an unarmed South Carolina man was just the latest in an “epidemic” of police officers killing black men.

After video surfaced on Tuesday of North Charleston Officer Michael Slager, who is white, shooting 50-year-old Walter L. Scott in the back as he fled, Van Jones explained to CNN host Anderson Cooper that there would have been no murder charges if the incident had not been recorded by a cell phone.

“We see this over and over again, the police report says, ‘This black man is dangerous, ‘I was so afraid for my life, oh my God, I had to do something, he was going to kill me,’” Jones noted. “And now we finally have something where nobody can say that the police report was true, and you get this murder charge.”

“But what if there had been no video? What if it had just been another situation where another unarmed black man was killed and the police officer said, ‘Well, he grabbed me, he had my weapon,’ and we would have all gone on as if nothing happened. We have to start dealing with the fact that there are two standards of justice in this country.”

Geragos agreed that similar incidents happened “all too frequently.”

“The police always come up with the same thing, it’s like a standard script that they teach at police university 101: always say that there is a threat, always say that he reached for your gun, and then say he wrestled for your gun,” Geragos remarked. “This is an epidemic in the various communities of the U.S. And unless somebody sees it with their own eyes — this is what’s so crazy about it — they will not believe that this is possible.”

Houck, who started a private consulting firm after retiring from the NYPD, admitted that there was no reasonable defense for Officer Slager’s actions, but he vehemently denied that black men dying at the hands of law enforcement was a problem in the United States.

“This does not happen all the time,” he said. “Alright? These are very few incidents for the millions and millions of police officers that interact with people every day, alright? This is not epidemic proportions… What happened in Ferguson and here in New York, even the U.S. Attorneys office is not going after them for civil rights violations. Those two incidents, those officers were justified in what they did, alright?”

“I understand you’re a cop and you’ve got your position,” Geragos shot back. “I could tick off a hundred examples in the last two years. The only reason you’ve got to fess up at this point is because there’s a video tape.”

“Let me just tell you something, Harry,” he continued. “It happens all the time and it happens in these communities generally where they do not have a voice. And the problem is that unless there’s a video tape, nobody wants to believe that it happens.”

Geragos said that he had observed a pattern in 30 years of practicing law.

“There’s one thing that happens repeatedly, is you hear the same story every time, virtually almost as if it’s a script coming out of the cop’s mouth whenever there’s a shooting,” Geragos observed. “It’s going to be the usual script that they read from. The fact remains that he was pulled over for a broken tail light.”

“You know, my father was a prosecutor for many years [and] used to say, there’s more guys in state prison for broken tail lights than any other offense. Broken tail light means go hassle somebody of color. That’s what it’s code for go pull over — some B.S. justification.”

Watch the video below from CNN, broadcast April 8, 2014.

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