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Json/Terror 161 gives a first hand account of being himself, with raw accompanying illustrations from one of my personal heroes, Chris Pape a/k/a Freedom of the eponymous tunnel. This is knowledge and words and luckily some pictures, although Lana Del Rey is in none of them. You must learn…

From Stress #7, courtesy of Director of Old Media Kel 5MH Presidente. 

Before we start adding flicks of yesterday’s 2nd anniversary party, I wanted to thank some folks. It was a pleasure to give back to our supporters, and we couldn’t have done it without @wix. Wix believes in L.I.S.A. Project NYC and helps us share all the murals with the world through our website. So thanks! Next it was awesome to serve YOU food from Mulberry Street and provide @budweiser and @customwinecompany to enhance;) the EPIC @secretwallsusa @secretwalls art explosion!🌋 The beats of @rossgoldin were sweet! To my lovely and prestigious judges @marthacoopergram @carlomccormickick @terror161 & @seanc74 thank you! Let’s not forget our cool giveaways, who doesn’t love FREE swag!:) Thanks to @boundlessbrooklyn @alifenewyork @foodrap @thedrif The party team @_randallr22 @damnlay_ “Joe Rocha” @newyorkmayor @harryterjanian great job! And of course the reason we were there, the artists with a @montanacans_usa in hand, The amazing Team @lamoursupreme @jeremyville @boykong & @nickgazin and the brilliant@Team @lowbrow_bk @steiner_nyc @mastronyc & @zimad_2012 KILLED IT, thank you so much gents!!! Speaking of artists, I want to thank all of YOU. People don’t travel to see L.I.S.A. Project, they come to see your work, your amazing work! I’m a flawed man that gets to work with perfectionists. And to wrap this shit up already:))) I wanted to thank my team @reyrosajr @vandalog AL Catenaccio and Robert Ianniello for all there help, commitment and guidance…I can be a bit of a handful. It’s was a great year and 2015 is shaping up to be even better. Cause you ain’t seen nothin yet, pal! #thelisaprojectnyc #littleitalynyc #creationisalwayshappening