terribleclaw replied to your post:i think the freddy’s game is in the female protagonist section cuz one of the animatronics is a girl??? BUT i don’t think it really ever says if you’re male or female. i got to night 3 and i never heard the guy on the phone call me by my name or gender so i dunno u__u

i actually knew a girl named michelle who went by mike though. she was cool

ah yeah that’s definitely possible too! that’s my bad for assuming and i mean if you wanted you could see the main chara as genderfluid or anything you want since there is really nothing we know about them aside from their name haha

i think though since they didnt have the message guy mention pronouns (afaik) it might have been a better idea to have the main chara have a more gender neutral name so it would be easier for the player to view them however they wanted

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i don’t ever actually fly in my flying dreams, its always like huge low-gravity jumps. i always have to land and push off again

MOON JUMPS SOUND COOL. bound across the mountains like the majestic magical girl you are

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ive only dreamed of flying once i think, &the person i was can actually fly. was very realistic though.i felt my weight and gravity. if i could fly i imagine it just like that.despite a rich dream life i dont tend to have the stereotypical ‘common dreams’

cool, COOL, did you get to soar through the clouds??? or just some random wherever. i have a lot of fucked up bathroom dreams, which apparently aren’t uncommon, haha,

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i really appreciate that you write your dreams

i think they are pretty interesting and i enjoy writing them down; i am glad!!! aaaahh 


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YES PLEASE :D I will make you cupcakes [or other delicous goods] in exchange for such delightful dreams

oh my god i would be so down for cupcakes right now (WHEEZING)