mqkoto asked:


Who cooks: Cartman. He learned from his mom, and he’s really good at it. Kyle can’t cook to save his life, which he’s really embarrassed about. Cartman’s mocking and gloating doesn’t help.

Who does the laundry and other chores: Kyle, since Cartman’s too lazy most of the time, and he says that its only fair since he does the cooking.

How many children do they have: I can’t really picture them as parents. Like…at all. But if they did probably only one.

Who’s more dominate: They take turns. Kyle refuses to give Cartman THAT much power, but he does like to be dominated once in awhile. ;)

Favorite nonsexual activity: Sucking—oh shit, nonsexual? Hmmm… Video games, watching Terrence and Phillip, hanging out with friends, trolling people online, stupid facebook games, riffing on stupid movies, fighting and messing with each other, playing with the cats? But that’s obviously just all foreplay, so whatever. :P

Their favorite place to be together: Either Stark’s Pond or Casa Bonita.

Any traditions: They go to Casa Bonita every year on their anniversary and most other special occasions.

Their “song”: I Swear, duh! ;)

What they do for each other on holidays: They exchange typical Hanukkah and Christmas gifts. Birthdays usually are all about pranking each other throughout the day before actually having a party with friends.

Where did they go for their honeymoon: Israel. Kyle wasn’t amused (at first).

Where did they first meet: When they were in pre-school, I’m assuming.

Any pets: Mr. Kitty (if he’s still alive) and many other kitties! ^_^

What do they fight over: What DON’T they fight over?

Do they go on vacations, if so where: They don’t usually like to leave town, out of fear of missing out on something crazy, but sometimes they go to New Jersey to see Kyle’s relatives so Cartman can laugh and “observe where Kyle came from.”


Thank you SO much for asking! I love thinking about these things! So much fun!